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Safety English Video Library

  1. Controlling Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens ? Spanish Version
  2. Forklift Safety-You're the one
  3. Electrical Safety
  4. Electrical Safety-The OSHA Regulations
  5. Hand and Power tool Safety
  6. Hearing Safety
  7. Lockout/ Tag Out
  8. Eye Injuries
  9. Shock Hazards Power Tools
  10. A Welcome Interruption
  11. Safety is Your Responsibility
  12. Watch Your Back
  13. Stress in the Workplace
  14. Just Horsing Around
  15. There?s No Magic to Safety
  16. Minor Cuts and Scratches
  17. Falling Objects
  18. Knives and Box cutters
  19. Nails and Staple Guns
  20. Office Safety-Personal Workspace
  21. Office Fire Prevention
  22. Table Saws
  23. Employee Responsibility
  24. Locking/Tagging
  25. Slips and Falls- General Manufacturing
  26. ?Near Misses?
  27. Mobile Scaffolds
  28. Basic First Aid, Part I
  29. How to prepare for a OSHA Inspection
  30. Gas Cylinders Welding, Cutting and Brazing
  31. Back Injury Prevention-Lifting Safety
  32. Bomb Threat Procedures
  33. Controlling Exposures to Blood Borne Pathogens
  34. Employee Safety Orientation
  35. Fire Extinguisher Training and Use 2000
  36. Hazard Communications
  37. High Rise Evacuations
  38. Hospitality and Customer Service
  39. Hotel Fire Safety
  40. Housekeeping Safety
  41. Laundry Room Safety
  42. Maintenance Person Safety
  43. Reducing Third Party Liability
  44. Valet Safety
  45. Asbestos Health Hazards: A General Orientation
  46. Safety Zone 2000
  47. Hazard Communications Janitors/Custodians
  48. Lockout/Tagout
  49. Reduce Accident Rate by as much at 90%
  50. Universal precautions for School Staff
  51. Asbestos Awareness
  52. Back Protection
  53. Eye Protection
  54. Heat Stress
  55. Fire Extinguishers.. Fight or Flight?
  56. How fast it burned
  57. Stairway escape for the disabled
  58. Stop it Burning
  59. Residence Hall Fire Safety
  60. Elevator Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  61. Do it Right
  62. Drive safely
  63. John Deere Safety Programs
  64. Promoting Job safety for Custodians
  65. Safety Gear: Foot Protection
  66. Safety pays series: Get a grip on Hand Safety
  67. Safety on the job: Accident Cause and Prevention
  68. Your in control
  69. Backache blues
  70. Danger Zone - Your back
  71. How much are your eyes worth
  72. Must we Fall
  73. Slips and Falls
  74. Talk back to me
  75. Understand the working back
  76. Dealing with Chemical Safety
  77. Chemical safety: Health Hazards
  78. Chemical safety: Proper Handling
  79. How to use expandable ear plugs
  80. Listen up with Norm Crosby
  81. MSDS Cornerstone of Chemical safety
  82. The Heimlich Maneuver: How to save a chocking victim
  83. Your-Right-To- Know
  84. Video Display Terminates: The Human Factor
  85. Chemical Safety: Fire and Explosion
  86. Effective Safety Meetings
  87. Introduction to Safety: Office Safety
  88. The Truth about Mold
  89. Facility Security- The Critical Link
  90. Holiday Safety- At the top of your List
  91. Bloodborne Pathogens for Cafeteria workers- Safety behind the lines
  92. Fire in the Workplace
  93. Groundskeeping Safety- Be a Pro!
  94. First Aid for Schools
  95. Hazard Communication- KHAZ Talk Radio
  96. EMS- Patient lifting- Back Injury Prevention
  97. Incident Command Response
  98. High Rise Evacuation
  99. Incident Safety
  100. Orientation 2000- Long and Short
  101. Incident Command Systems(ICS)
  102. Disaster Worker Code of Safe Practices
  103. Myths about PPE
  104. Drive Safely
  105. Emergency Evacuation
  106. Unsolved Accidents
  107. Preventing and Managing Stress
  108. Steps for Safe Lifiting and Carrying
  109. Preventing and Managing Back Pain
  110. Preventing and Managing Computer related Injuries
  111. FOOD SAFETY- Cross Contamination
  112. FOOD SAFETY- Basic Microbiology
  113. FOOD SAFETY- Personal Hygiene
  114. FOOD SAFETY- Sanitation
  115. Accident Procedures
  116. Defense Driving
  117. Driver Fatigue
  118. Emergency Maneuvers
  119. Traffic
  120. Rain
  121. Rollover
  122. At the Scene
  123. Wind
  124. Road Rage
  125. Raiload Crossings
  126. Mirrors
  127. Road Work
  128. Danger
  129. Truck Fires
  130. The Ins and Outs
  131. The Ups and Downs
  132. How to De-Junk Your Life
  133. How to get Things Done
  134. Organized Files and Records
  135. HAACCP
  136. Personal Hygiene
  137. Cross Contamination
  138. Time and Temperature Controls
  139. Basic Microbiology and Foodborne Illness
  140. Sanitation
  141. Working Safely to Prevent Injury
  142. Handling Knives, Cuts, and Burns
  143. Office Safety- It's a Jungle out There

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