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Safety Spanish Video Library

  1. Heat Illness
  2. Tag, You're It
  3. Forklift Safety
  4. History of Asbestos
  5. Rape Awareness
  6. Permit required confined space
  7. Back to Basics
  8. Fire Escape: Getting out alive
  9. Now Hear This
  10. First Aid for bleeding
  11. Working around flammables and combustibles: Safe Handling and Use
  12. Blood borne pathogens Overview
  13. Safe lifting Techniques
  14. Chemical Spills Part I: Emergency Preparedness
  15. Personal Protective equipment: Overviews
  16. Falls
  17. Asbestos
  18. Destination Safety
  19. Safety Programs
  20. A foot closer to safety
  21. Battling Fatigue
  22. Judge, Jury and Executioner
  23. Carbon Monoxide
  24. Star Witness: Accident Reporting
  25. Electrical Burns
  26. Watch your load
  27. Shock Hazards-power tools
  28. Stress in the workplace
  29. Employee Responsibilities
  30. Locking/Tagging
  31. Safety Committees
  32. Hand Safety
  33. Hazardous Chemicals
  34. Lock out/Tag Out
  35. Adventures in the Food Trade- Chapter 1 "Slips, Trips and Falls"
  36. Lead in Paint can be deadly
  37. Sexual Harassment
  38. One Breath Away
  39. Colds and flu
  40. Repetitive Strain Injuries
  41. Chains and Safety
  42. The Right Tool
  43. Fire Extinguishers- Safe Use
  44. Understanding Electricity
  45. Chemical Spills Part II: Control Procedures
  46. High Risk Rescue
  47. Hot work Permit
  48. Near Misses
  49. Just Horsing Around
  50. Fuego en el Trabajo
  51. Seguridad en el Lugar de Trabajo: Un Eslabon Vital
  52. High Rise Evacuation
  53. Orientation 2000- Long and Short
  54. FOOD SAFETY- Personal Hygiene
  55. FOOD SAFETY- Sanitation
  56. FOOD SAFETY- Cross Contamination
  57. FOOD SAFETY- Basic Microbiology

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