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Diversity Workshop Guidelines

Diversity Education Credit Request Form / Form in Spanish
No Credit Allowed
Diversity Education Requirement
Diversity Education Hours Adjustment
Quarterly Reports
Sheet Importance

Diversity Education Hour Guidelines

The following guidelines define how staff may receive credit for diversity education, which is required of all fulltime benefits eligible staff members of the Division of Housing and Food Service. Diversity education hours are to be achieved between January 1 and December 31, of each year.

Each staff member must achieve at least fifty percent (50%) of their annual required diversity education hours through DHFS Organizational Diversity and Development presentations and activities. The remaining fifty percent (50%) may be achieved by participating in non-DHFS Organizational Diversity and Development presentations and activities. A completed and signed Diversity Education Credit Request Form / Form in Spanish must be submitted for each presentation/activity, within five business days of the presentation/activity date. Please note that no more than two hours from any one event or activity is allowed.

A Diversity Education Credit Request Form / Form in Spanish that has been signed by you and your supervisor should be submitted to Marisol Sanchez, Program Coordinator for Organizational Diversity and Development. After review, you will be notified within one week, if credit was granted.

No Credit Allowed - - Please do not submit requests for these categories.

Committee Meetings:

  • Committee meeting time, regardless of nature of committee work, will not count toward diversity education hours.
Cultural Dinners:
  • No credit will be given for work toward creation of cultural dinner program. This is considered to be a part of your job expectation.
Diversity Bulletin Boards:
  • No credit will be given for the creation of diversity bulletin boards.
Supervisor Meetings:
  • Diversity credit for Supervisor Meetings with diversity content is allowed at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Credit will be assigned based on the Supervisor Meeting sign-in sheet.
Wellness and DHFS Leadership Institute:
  • No diversity credit will be given for attending presentations that have been identified as DHFS Leadership Institute or Wellness presentations. Please review TXClass descriptions carefully to ensure that you are enrolled in a diversity session.

Diversity Education Hours Requirement

Diversity Education Hours - Requirement

Central Management Staff 16 Hours
Supervisors 12 Hours
Assistant Supervisors and Team Leaders 8 Hours
Staff 4 Hours

Diversity Education Hours - Adjustment

The following adjustments have been approved for staff members who begin work with DHFS after the beginning of the year (January).

Diversity Education Hours - Adjustment

January 1 thru January 31 Complete all required diversity hours.
August 1 thru October 31 A minimum of four (4) hours is required.
November 1 thru December 31 No set hours required.

This adjustment applies to all new full-time DHFS staff members.

Supervisors should remind their areas that there are also diversity education opportunities available outside of the ones offered by DHFS. Checking the ODD diversity calendar, Misc Notes, and campus wide and local events will yield a wider variety of opportunities.

Quarterly Reports

At the end of each quarter, the ODD Program Coordinator will send out a quarterly report of hours achieved through the end of the quarter. Staff members have until two weeks after the report is sent out to reconcile any discrepancies in credit hours. There will be no exceptions made.

The supervisor of the employee is responsible for making sure their employees are aware of the DHFS diversity education policy and requirements. It is also the supervisor?s responsibility to review the diversity hours status with the employee.

Sheet Importance

DHFS Staff members are responsible for signing in at all ODD sponsored sessions, if credit for the respective session is expected. No exceptions.

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