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Leadership Week is only a few months away (Tues, Aug 20 through Sunday, Aug 25). We are very excited to see you and would like to offer you an opportunity to apply to this great conference! The application deadline is June 24. See you soon! Apply here.


The University Residence Hall Association (URHA) is an inclusive student organization dedicated to improving the residence hall experience, facilitating community involvement in the halls, and being a resource to students living on campus.


URHA, started at UT-Austin in 1981, is a student organization committed to improving the quality of residence life for on-campus students. We perform a variety of functions to serve the best interests of our residents.

We work very closely with the Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS), our parent organization, to constantly relay resident input we receive. We serve as the official voice of the residents, and use this to review and change policy as suggested by the residents. We have created two committees this year to deal directly with resident issues.

URHA's voting body is comprised of 16 Senators, representing each hall on campus. These senators also serve as Residence Hall Council (RHC) officers in their individual halls. Both URHA and the RHCs implement programming to foster a better sense of community in the residence halls and increase overall development of a community atmosphere. Get involved and you could help out with organizing fun activities.

Everyone who resides in a University residence hall is automatically a member of URHA and their hall's RHC. A small portion of every resident's housing fee goes to funding these organizations. You can attend RHC meetings to find out what is going on in your area or URHA meetings to find out what is going on with the entire on-campus population.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime!