Afrikan American Affairs (AAA)
AAA provide support, enrichment services, & leadership development to Black students on campus and to
anyone interested in the Black culture. AAA host annual programs including Black Parents’ Brunch, FUFU
Barbeque, and many more events.
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Queer People of Color and Allies (QPOCA)
QPOCA contributes to the self-empowerment and visibility of people of color, and queer people and their
communitites at UT. They aim to solve stereotypes around campus and the Austin community by raising
awareness and offering resources for queer students, students of color, and allies.
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Latino Leadership Council (LLC)
The LLC works to strentghen and unite Latino student organizations on campus and to promote
understanding of Latino culutre and history and how it is linked to social issues. LLC provides a vocal outlet
for members of the Latino community, encourages communication within the Latina/o community, and more.
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Longhorn American Indian Council (LAIC)
LAIC strives to serve the 200+ Native Americans on campus by providing a place to dicuss cultural issues
and concerns. It also provides and distributes information about Native American cultural events and
advocates more visibility and recognition of Native Americans on campus.
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Students For Equity & Diversity (SED)
SED promotes awareness of diversity issues prevalent in our society through interactive workshops,
peer- facilitated dialogue, programs, and outreach efforts. SED coordinates educational training events
for entities across campus to promote awareness and understanding in all aspects of student life.
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Asian/Desi Pacific American Collective (APAC)
APAC strives to foster unity, provideleadership training, advocate for awareness, and encourage a stronger
sense of community. You Bring Out The Asian American In Me! and the Asian Excellence Awards are some
of APAC’s signature events.
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