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Fees and Deposits

Policies governing the payment or refund of tuition, fees, and other charges are approved by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System and comply with applicable state statutes. Tuition and fees are subject to change by legislative or regental action and become effective on the date enacted. For clarification of any matter relating to payment or refund of charges, a student should contact the office or administrative unit that originated the charge or refund.

Financial responsibility. Students are expected to meet financial obligations to the University when they are due. Registration fees are payable at the time of registration, and students are not entitled to attend classes until their fees have been paid in full or in accordance with an approved installment plan. Other charges are due within ten days after the bill is issued by the University, or according to the payment instructions that may be printed on the bill. Failure to pay the amount owed by the due date may result in a bar against registration and withholding official transcripts and diplomas.

Payment of registration fees may be made by personal check for the exact amount due. Checks for larger amounts, the difference to be paid in cash to the student, cannot be accepted. All checks must be drawn on US banks in US dollars; collection charges resulting from checks drawn otherwise are charged to the student.

Returned checks. When a check is returned to the University, a $25 service charge is assessed. The student has ten days from the date of the notice to make full payment by cash, cashier's check, or money order. Failure to comply will result in refusal by the University to accept future personal checks. If the returned check was for registration fees or bar clearance, the student's registration will be canceled.

A service charge of $25 and a late charge, if applicable, is assessed for all other returned checks. The University will not accept a check from an individual

Once a student is barred from writing a personal check, the bar remains in place for a minimum of one year. After the year has passed, the student may submit an appeal to the Office of Accounting Cashiers to have the bar lifted.

Payment plans. Tuition and fees for the fall and spring semesters may be paid in full at the time of registration, or according to the following three-payment plan:

First payment. One-half the amount of tuition and required fees, plus the full amount of optional fees and, where applicable, international student health insurance, the general property deposit, and the late registration fee, due at the time of registration.

Second and third payments. Each payment equal to one-quarter of the originally billed tuition and fees plus adjustments for adds and drops, due prior to the sixth and eleventh weeks of classes.

A nonrefundable $8 service charge is assessed students who use the three-payment plan. If payments are not made by each due date, a late fee of $10 is added to the amount due.

A student who withdraws from the University after the first four weeks of class is responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees and must continue to make installment payments as scheduled. A student who fails to provide full payment of tuition and fees, including late fees assessed, to the University when the payments are due is subject to one or more of the following actions at the University's option:

Financial aid recipients must apply any aid received to the unpaid balance of tuition and fees at the time the aid check is released.

Admissions application processing fee. A nonrefundable fee of $40 is required of undergraduate applicants for admission to the University. Applicants to the Graduate School must pay a fee of $60, and applicants to the School of Law must pay $65. The fee for applicants to the Master of Business Administration program and the Master in Professional Accounting program (including students in the Professional Program in Accounting) in the Graduate School of Business is $75. A former student who applies for readmission to an undergraduate program must submit the application fee only if he or she has undertaken coursework since leaving the University. An applicant who presents academic credentials from any country other than the United States when applying for admission to any program of study except the Master of Business Administration and Master in Professional Accounting programs must pay a nonrefundable fee of $85; international applicants to the MBA and MPA programs must submit a fee of $100. In cases where the applicant is subject to more than one fee simultaneously, only the higher fee is required. Students who apply for admission to the professional program in pharmacy after completing prepharmacy coursework must pay a nonrefundable application processing fee of $60; students who apply to the upper-division professional sequence in nursing must pay a nonrefundable fee of $25.

Tuition and Required Fees

V.T.C.A., Education Code Section 54.0512 authorizes the following tuition rates for students registering at the University of Texas at Austin.


Undergraduate Students
Texas residents: $32.00 per semester hour of credit; $120.00 minimum each semester or summer session ($60.00 for the six-week summer term)

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $246.00 per semester hour of credit

Undergraduate Pharmacy Students (professional sequence)
Texas residents: $56.00 per semester hour of credit; $120.00 minimum each semester or summer session

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $431.00 per semester hour of credit

PharmD Students
Texas residents: $64.00 per semester hour of credit; $120.00 minimum each semester or summer session

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $431.00 per semester hour of credit

Graduate Students (except MBA, MPA, PPA, and PharmD students)
Texas residents: $64.00 per semester hour of credit; $120.00 minimum each semester or summer session ($60.00 for the six-week summer term)

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $278.00 per semester hour of credit

MBA, MPA, PPA Students
Texas residents: $64.00 per semester hour of credit; $120.00 minimum each semester or summer session ($60.00 for the six-week summer term)

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $296.00 per semester hour of credit

Law Students
Texas residents: $135.00 per semester hour of credit

Nonresidents (out-of-state and international): $350.00 per semester hour of credit

Fees Required of All Students

Every student who registers, unless registered in absentia (see in absentia registration, above), pays compulsory fees as follows:

The general fee of $32.00 a semester hour is to defray costs of University facilities, activities, and operations; a portion is pledged to the payment of bonds issued for the construction of buildings used by students.

The health services building fee of $8.00 a semester or summer session is to finance the replacement of the Student Health Center building.

The information technology fee of $6.00 a semester credit hour is to provide student access to systems of instructional computing and information technology services.

The international education fee of $1.00 a semester or summer session is to fund a financial assistance program for eligible students participating in international study programs or student exchanges.

The library fee of $2.00 a semester credit hour is to defray the cost of purchasing library materials, expanding online information resources, and improving library hours and other services for students. Pending approval, the fee will be assessed beginning spring 1997.

The Martin Luther King Jr. statue fee of $1.00 a semester or summer session is to fund construction of a Martin Luther King Jr. statue on campus.

The medical services fee of $53.00 a semester or summer session is to defray part of the cost of providing medical services at the Student Health Center.

The recreational sports fee of $20.00 a semester or summer session is to defray the costs of financing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and improving recreational sports facilities and programs.

The registration fee of $5.00 a semester or summer session is to defray costs associated with providing touch-tone technology services to students through the telephone enrollment exchange (TEX).

The student services fee covers all, or part of, the cost of (a) the Counseling and Mental Health Center, at a fixed rate of $6.72 a student each semester; and (b) the Cabinet of College Councils; Campus and Community Involvement; Counseling, Learning, and Career Services; the Daily Texan; the Division of Recreational Sports; the Forensics Program; the Graduate Students' Assembly; KVRX student radio; KVR9 student television; the ombudsman; Services for Students with Disabilities; shuttle bus service; the Student Childcare Center; the Student Services Fee Committee; Student Government; Legal Services for Students; the Tenants' Council; and the Volunteer Center at the rate of $8.78 a semester hour of credit to a maximum of $105.36.

Student Services Fee
Number of
hours taken
and Mental
Health Center
1 $6.72 $8.78 $15.50
2 6.72 17.56 24.28
3 6.72 26.34 33.06
4 6.72 35.12 41.84
5 6.72 43.90 50.62
6 6.72 52.68 59.40
7 6.72 61.46 68.18
8 6.72 70.24 76.96
9 6.72 79.02 85.74
10 6.72 87.80 94.52
11 6.72 96.58 103.30
12 or more 6.72 105.36 112.08

The Union fee entitles the student to use of the Union facilities and supports debt retirement of bonds used for renovation of the Union Building.

Summer Session
6 weeks or
9 weeks 12 weeks
Union fee $33.94 $16.97 $25.46 $33.94

A general property deposit of $10.00 is assessed every student in the first semester of enrollment to help offset the cost of property loss or damage and nonpayment of any University billing. The deposit, less outstanding charges, will be returned on request when the student leaves the University with no intention to return. Applications for refund are available in the Office of Accounting, Student Accounts Receivable, Main Building 4. A general property deposit that remains without request for refund for four years from the date of last attendance at the University will be forfeited to the Student Property Deposit Scholarships. A student who does not plan to reenroll at the University and wishes to assign his or her property deposit to a student organization or to the University for a specific purpose may request that the refund, issued payable to the student, be mailed to the assignee. Arrangements for the endorsement of the refund check are between the student and the assignee.

Special Registration Fees

In absentia fee. The fee for in absentia registration is $25.00.

Affiliated studies registration fee. The fee of $60.00 a semester is to defray the costs associated with registration, record keeping, and certification for students participating in sanctioned study abroad programs.

Fees for joint or cooperative programs on The University of Texas System campuses. The University of Texas at Austin has agreements with several other University of Texas System institutions that allow student groups to enroll for courses at these institutions (e.g., the Clinical Pharmacy Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio). Tuition and required fees for full-time students are normally paid at the degree-granting campus and allocated by that unit to the other institution involved. Graduate students enrolled at the University may apply for admission to another University of Texas System institution through the appropriate dean's office at that institution. Evidence of support from the University should include the approval of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies. Programs are available only where formal agreements exist between institutions.

Fees for students registering concurrently at two Texas public institutions of higher education. V.T.C.A., Texas Education Code Section 54.062 provides for the following tuition procedure:

  1. The student must register first at the institution with the lower minimum tuition and pay the full tuition charge.

  2. Normally, only the hourly rate is paid at the second institution. However, if the minimum amount is less at the first institution, the student must pay the difference in the two minimums to the second institution, but not less than the hourly rate.

Other required and optional fees are billed by each institution at its regularly authorized rates.

A student should not register at more than one institution until the request for concurrent enrollment form has been completed and signed by the registrar. The form is available in the Office of the Registrar, Main Building 1.

Late registration charge. A student who registers late must pay a charge of $25.00 to defray the cost of the extra services required to effect the late registration. (Late registration periods are identified in the Course Schedule each semester and summer session.)

Course Related Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses are assessed fees as described below. The fees associated with a course, if any, are totaled and the amount printed in the Course Schedule, published each semester.

Field trip fees. Students registered in courses offering a field trip are assessed a fee to defray transportation and related costs of the field trip.

Incidental fees. Fees reflecting the actual cost of materials or services provided in conjunction with certain courses are assessed students enrolled in those courses; there is no maximum amount.

Laboratory fees. For each laboratory course, a fee is charged to cover the cost of laboratory materials and supplies used by the student. The fee may not be less than $2.00 or more than $30.00 for each course in a semester or summer term.

Supplementary fees. Additional fees may be required for certain courses in art, architecture, drama, speech, and music where individual coaching is the usual method of instruction.

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