[1] Students who are receiving financial assistance from any Title IV program and withdraw from the University during their first semester of attendance should refer to the refund policy in chapter 5.

[2] The term dependent as used here refers to the spouse and children of a student, faculty member, or staff member.

[3] Fall: August 12, 1996 - January 20, 1997; Spring: January 2 - May 18, 1997;
Summer: May 1 - September 1, 1997.

[4] Ages 16 - 22 years eligible for all open recreation facilities without adult supervision.

[5] Specified hours only for children 15 and under; adult supervision required.

[6] Limited to facilities at the Pickle Research Campus. Employees or spouses who wish to use facilities on the main campus must pay the applicable fees.

[7] Consultants, lecturers, or others with a clearly defined connection with a University agency or program on a short-term basis. Fee varies; contact the Division of Recreational Sports.