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11 September 1997

   Chapter 2

Undergraduate Admission
Application Deadlines
Application Processing Fee
Freshman Admission
Provisional Admission
Enrollment Deposit
Application Procedures
Admission Tests
SAT I and SAT II: Subject Tests Schedule
ACT Test Schedule
High School Preparation
Graduation from High School
Subject Preparation
Graduation from an Unaccredited School
Additional Admission Requirements for Some Programs
Admission to Upper-Division Work
Transfer Admission
Admission Standards
Application Procedures
Credit Evaluation
Catalog Eligibility for Texas Junior College Transfers
Transient Admission (Summer Only)
International Admission
Readmission of Former Students
Fresh Start
Enrollment as a Nondegree Student
High School Parallel Enrollment Program
Graduate Admission
Graduate Record Examinations
Graduate Management Admissions Test
Conditional Admission
Admission as a Nondegree Student (Graduate)
Recommended Application Dates for Graduate Study
Application Processing Fee
Enrollment Deposit
Law School Admission
Application Processing Fee
Application Deadlines
Application Procedure
Law School Admission Test
Tuition Deposit