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11 September 1997

   Chapter 3
 Registration, Fees, and Deposits

Academic Advising and Student Responsibility
Registration Periods
Paying Fees as a Part of Registration
Late Registration
Texas Academic Skills Program
Concurrent Registration at the University and Another Collegiate Institution
Registration of Graduate Students
In Absentia Registration
Transfer from One Division to Another within the University
Auditing a Course
Fees and Deposits
Financial Responsibility
Returned Checks
Payment Plans
Admissions Application Processing Fee
Tuition and Required Fees
Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Pharmacy Students (Professional Sequence)
PharmD Students
Graduate Students (except MBA, MPA, PPA, and PharmD Students)
MBA, MPA, PPA Students
Law Students
Fees Required of All Students
General Fee
Gregory Gymnasium Renovation Fee
Health Services Building Fee
Information Technology Fee
International Education Fee
Library Fee
Martin Luther King Jr. Statue Fee
Medical Services Fee
Recreational Sports Fee
Registration Fee
Student Services Fee
Student Services Building Fee
Union Fee
General Property Deposit
Special Registration Fees
In Absentia Fee
Affiliated Studies Registration Fee
Fees for Joint or Cooperative Programs on The University of Texas System Campuses
Fees for Students Registering Concurrently at Two Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education
Late Registration Charge
Course Related Fees
Field Trip Fees
Incidental Fees
Laboratory Fees
Supplementary Fees
Program and Service Related Fees
Advising Fee
Architecture Design Workshop Fee
Art Design Media Center Fee
Art Wood Shop Services Fee
College of Business Administration Freshman Orientation Fee
Duplicate Fee Receipt
Equipment Maintenance and/or Replacement Fee
Fine Arts Visual Arts Fee
Graduation Fee
Honors Program Fee
Instructional Technology Fee
International Student Orientation Fee
International Student Services Fee
Learning Resource Center Fees
MBA/MPA Orientation Fee
Music Services Fee
Nursing Student Assistance Fee
Placement Fee
Practicum Fee
Reinstatement Fee
Theatre and Dance Building Services Fee
Theatre and Dance Performance and Production Fee
Undergraduate Writing Center Fee
Exemption from Fees
Fee Adjustments
Refunds for Students Withdrawing from the University
Refunds for Dropped Courses
Additional Fee Assessment for Added Courses
Optional Fee Refund Policies and Procedures
Short-Term Loans
Payment of Fees for Students with Physical Disabilities
Optional Fees
Student Insurance
Student Health Insurance Program
International Student Health Insurance
Student Liasbility Insurance
Identification Cards
Student Identification Cards
Faculty/Staff Identification Cards
Fees for Nonstudents
Auditor's Fee
Library Card Fee for Nonstudent Borrowers
Shuttle Bus Fee
Recreational and Facility Use Fees