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11 September 1997

   Chapter 4
 Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising
Credit Value and Course Numbers
The Semester Hour
Course Numbers
Classification of Students
Texas Academic Skills Program
Quantity of Work Rule
Maximum Hours in the Fall and Spring Semesters
Maximum Hours in the Summer Session
Minimum Hours in the Fall and Spring Semesters
Minimum Hours in the Summer Session
Assistant Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Assistants (Graduate), and Graduate Research Assistants
Other Student Employees
Symbol X
Approved Uses of the Symbol X
Improper Uses of the Symbol X
Symbol CR
Credit/No Credit
Symbols S and U
Repetition of a Course
Computation of the Grade Point Average
Correspondence Work by Resident Students
Course Placement and Credit by Examination
Examinations Required for Course Placement
Optional Examinations
Measurement and Evaluation Center
Adding and Dropping Courses
Adding Courses
Dropping Courses: Rules for Undergraduate Students
Dropping a Course through the Twelfth Class Day
Dropping a Course through the Fourth Week of Classes
Dropping a Course after the Fourth Week of Classes
Dropping a Course after Midsemester
Dropping Courses: Rules for Graduate Students
Changing Course Registration to or from the Pass/Fail Basis or the Credit/No Credit Basis
Class Attendance
Availability of Classwork to Students
Scholastic Probation and Dismissal
Undergraduate Students
Table of Scholastic Standards for Continuance
Probation and Dismissal
Graduate Students
Honor Societies for Freshmen
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Leadership and Service Organizations
British Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships
Junior Fellows Program
College Scholars
University Honors
Graduation with University Honors
Teacher Certification
Placement Services
Personal Record Information
Summons to Administrative Offices
Official Communications with the University