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11 September 1997

   Chapter 5
 Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of the Dean of Students
Recreational Sports
Division of Housing and Food Service
Application Dates for University Housing
University-Owned Residence Halls for Men
University-Owned Residence Halls for Women
University-Owned Residence Halls for Men and Women
University-Owned Residences for Families
Cooperative Houses for Women
Privately Owned Housing
Student Financial Services
Estimated Costs
Application Dates
Course Load Requirements
Changes in Financial Circumstances
Satisfactory Progress
Types of Financial Aid
Gift Aid
Self-Help Funds
Long-Term Loans
Special Services for Financial Aid Recipients
Other Services Not Based on Financial Need
Requirements for Student Borrowers
Mandatory Interviews
Identification and Release of Official Transcript
Tuition Refunds and Repayment of Financial Aid
Repayment of Financial Aid
Refunds for Students Receiving Title IV Funding Who Withdraw from the University
University Health Services
Counseling, Learning, and Career Services
Counseling and Mental Health Center
Career Center
Learning Skills Center
The Texas Union
International Office
International Students
Sponsored Student Program
Irregular Student Status and Withdrawal Petition
Special Programs
Mandatory Health Insurance
English as a Second Language Services
Study Abroad
Exchange Programs
Affiliated Studies
Courses Taught Abroad
Financial Assistance
Student Government
Cabinet of College Councils
Student Publications
Legal Services for Students
Office of the Ombudsman
Student Grievance Procedures
General Statement
Scholastic Dishonesty
Group Responsibility
Disciplinary Procedures
Religious Organizations
Regulations Concerning the Registration of Motor Vehicles