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11 September 1997


 Chapter 5 - Student Affairs


University Health Services
Counseling, Learning, and Career Services
   Counseling and Mental Health Center
   Career Center
   Learning Skills Center

University Health Services

University Health Services is an ambulatory health care facility fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. It provides medical and health promotion services for currently enrolled students and some nonstudents who are officially enrolled in certain University programs.

The medical staff includes physicians in general medicine as well as those who are board certified in internal medicine, adolescent pediatrics, and family practice. University Health Services has its own pharmacy, laboratory, X-ray, and physical therapy facilities. Students are encouraged to choose a member of the medical services staff as their primary care provider to ensure continuity of care while at the University.

The facilities are open for medical evaluation and care from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am until 5:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and official University holidays. For nonurgent situations, students are required to make appointments, available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 471-4955. Students who need immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries may be seen in the urgent care area during all hours of operation. Students with medical emergencies should go directly to an emergency facility.

Telephone consultation for illness or injury is available by calling the Nurse Advice Line (475-NURSE) between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm weekdays. Treatment during the hours University Health Services is closed must be obtained from a community health care service and paid for by the student.

Health promotion services (475-8252) are designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and contribute to optimal lifelong well-being. Programs cover a variety of health-related topics including alcohol and drug education, sexual health, methods of contraception, rape prevention, AIDS education, nutrition counseling, smoking cessation, and general health information. Audiovisual and printed materials on a variety of health issues are available through the Health Promotion Resource Center.

University Health Services is almost completely funded through the medical services fee paid by all students at registration. The fee covers the cost of providing students an unlimited number of office visits with physicians or nurse practitioners. There are charges for most other services, including prescriptions, laboratory tests, X rays, physical therapy, immunizations, and after-hours care. (See Appendix C, sections 4-401 through 4-510 of this catalog and the Health Services brochure for a more detailed description of policies and services.)

Students sometimes are affected by medical conditions beyond the scope of services offered by University Health Services. Payment for services at other medical and/or psychiatric facilities is the sole responsibility of the student; therefore, every student is advised to purchase student health insurance or to have sufficient insurance coverage under an existing policy. Additional information about student health insurance is available by calling 471-1040.

University Health Services clinicians do not provide written excuses for patients who miss classes or assignment deadlines due to illness. Any accomodations for absences or missed deadlines are strictly between the student and the instructor. However, a student with special medical circumstances may petition the associate director for clinical services for a letter to the appropriate authority on the student's behalf to request a course load reduction, medical withdrawal, or other accomodation.

Counseling, Learning, and Career Services

The mission of Counseling, Learning, and Career Services is to provide students with services that promote and enhance their development in the areas of academic competence, emotional stability, life-long learning styles, and effective decision making skills. Currently enrolled students or those who have been admitted and are in the process of matriculation to the University are eligible to use the services. The Counseling, Learning, and Career Services provide personal counseling, learning assistance programs, assistance in identifying and exploring major and career options, and twenty-four-hour-a-day telephone assistance through three component agencies: the Counseling and Mental Health Center, the Career Center, and the Learning Skills Center.

Counseling and Mental Health Center

The Counseling and Mental Health Center assists students in coping effectively with aspects of their personal and social growth that may interfere with the ability to realize the full academic benefit of their college experience. Services include individual and group counseling, psychiatric evaluation and medication (if indicated), and programs designed to assist students in personal growth and development of interpersonal skills. There is no fee for services.

The center is staffed by counseling and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and licensed professional counselors. It is approved by the American Psychological Association for clinical and counseling internship training and cooperates with the Departments of Psychology and Educational Psychology and the School of Social Work in training intern and practicum students.

The center believes in the importance of students using their University experience to gain skills needed for effective functioning in a complex society. Programs focus on the motivational, social, and emotional development of students, provide support systems where necessary, address problems that can affect day-to-day living, and generally prepare the student to respond more effectively to the challenges of University living. Outreach services are extended to the University community through educational and consultative programs.

The Counseling and Mental Health Center, located at 100 E. 26th Street, is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays. The telephone number is 471-3515.

The center provides a telephone counseling and referral service that can be reached twenty-four hours a day, including holidays. Counselors are available by telephone to offer counseling, consultation, information, and referral to other resources for additional help. Callers may remain anonymous. The Telephone Counseling and Referral Service number is 471-CALL (471-2255).

A series of audio cassette tapes is also available to help students understand certain types of problems. Telephone counseling tapes are five- to ten-minute recorded discussions relating to both mental and physical health issues. Some tapes give basic information and others give both information and suggestions about how to handle day-to-day problems. The tapes were prepared by Counseling, Learning, and Career Services staff, University Health Services staff, and staff from other campus and community agencies. Telephone tapes are accessed through TexTalk at 475-9950. A list of telephone topics is available at the Counseling and Mental Health Center and at various information offices on campus.

Career Center

The Career Center assists students in making decisions about their future professions through self-assessment, standardized career tests, and professional career counseling. The center maintains a career library containing over five thousand resource items, including University of Texas degree plans and information about a broad range of career options. Also available at the center is information about internship opportunities and assistance with planning for graduate education.

Services provided by the center are free to currently enrolled students, though there is a nominal fee for tests. Others who are eligible for services at the center are graduates of the University, for up to one year following graduation, and students who have registered but are not currently enrolled. Graduates and students not yet enrolled are charged a fee for services.

The Career Center and resource library, located in Jester Center A115A, is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and until 8:00 pm on Tuesday. Career counseling is available on a walk-in basis from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and until 7:00 pm on Tuesday. The telephone number for the center is 471-1217.

Learning Skills Center

The Learning Skills Center provides academic support services to all University of Texas students. The center offers both group and individualized programs to help students increase efficiency in college-level reading, writing, math, science, and study skills. Class topics offered regularly include reading strategies, speed reading, study strategies, math for calculus, final exam reviews for Mathematics 301, 403K, 305G, and 408C, science skills, writing skills, conversational English for international students, and preparation for the GRE, LSAT, TASP, and GSP. The Math/Science and Reading/Writing/Study Skills Labs offer a variety of resource skills and limited drop-in tutoring in math and writing skills. Student peer counselors provide individual help to students working in the labs.

The center has a nationally certified tutoring program that offers student-to-student tutoring in many entry-level, lower-division courses. There is an hourly charge for this program, though fee waivers are granted for many students receiving financial aid. A walk-in counseling service for students who want to discuss immediate study concerns is also available through the center. Students may make individual appointments to discuss special learning problems such as test anxiety, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorder.

The center's campus outreach services include overviews of the services provided and presentations on study skills for University classes, groups, and organizations, and a Supplemental Instruction Program. The Supplemental Instruction Program trains teaching assistants to lead discussion sections in which they integrate effective learning strategies to assist students in historically difficult entry-level courses. Consultation regarding supplemental instruction is available to faculty and to students in 398T classes.

Located in Jester Center A332A, the Learning Skills Center is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:45 pm and may be reached by telephone at 471-3614.

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