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3 September 1997


About the Catalog
Officers of the University
Calendar of the University
1.The University
Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity
Organization of the University of Texas at Austin
Historical Sketch
Buildings and Grounds
Undergraduate Admission
Application Deadlines
Application Processing Fee
Freshman Admission
Provisional Admission
Enrollment Deposit
Application Procedures
Admission Tests
SAT I and SAT II: Subject Tests Schedule
ACT Test Schedule
High School Preparation
Graduation from High School
Subject Preparation
Graduation from an Unaccredited School
Additional Admission Requirements for Some Programs
Admission to Upper-Division Work
Transfer Admission
Admission Standards
Application Procedures
Credit Evaluation
Catalog Eligibility for Texas Junior College Transfers
Transient Admission (Summer Only)
International Admission
Readmission of Former Students
Fresh Start
Enrollment as a Nondegree Student
High School Parallel Enrollment Program
Graduate Admission
Graduate Record Examinations
Graduate Management Admissions Test
Conditional Admission
Admission as a Nondegree Student (Graduate)
Recommended Application Dates for Graduate Study
Application Processing Fee
Enrollment Deposit
Law School Admission
Application Processing Fee
Application Deadlines
Application Procedure
Law School Admission Test
Tuition Deposit
3.Registration, Fees, and Deposits
Academic Advising and Student Responsibility
Registration Periods
Paying Fees as a Part of Registration
Late Registration
Texas Academic Skills Program
Concurrent Registration at the University and Another Collegiate Institution
Registration of Graduate Students
In Absentia Registration
Transfer from One Division to Another within the University
Auditing a Course
Fees and Deposits
Financial Responsibility
Returned Checks
Payment Plans
Admissions Application Processing Fee
Tuition and Required Fees
Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Pharmacy Students (Professional Sequence)
PharmD Students
Graduate Students (except MBA, MPA, PPA, and PharmD Students)
MBA, MPA, PPA Students
Law Students
Fees Required of All Students
General Fee
Gregory Gymnasium Renovation Fee
Health Services Building Fee
Information Technology Fee
International Education Fee
Library Fee
Martin Luther King Jr. Statue Fee
Medical Services Fee
Recreational Sports Fee
Registration Fee
Student Services Fee
Student Services Building Fee
Union Fee
General Property Deposit
Special Registration Fees
In Absentia Fee
Affiliated Studies Registration Fee
Fees for Joint or Cooperative Programs on The University of Texas System Campuses
Fees for Students Registering Concurrently at Two Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education
Late Registration Charge
Course Related Fees
Field Trip Fees
Incidental Fees
Laboratory Fees
Supplementary Fees
Program and Service Related Fees
Advising Fee
Architecture Design Workshop Fee
Art Design Media Center Fee
Art Wood Shop Services Fee
College of Business Administration Freshman Orientation Fee
Duplicate Fee Receipt
Equipment Maintenance and/or Replacement Fee
Fine Arts Visual Arts Fee
Graduation Fee
Honors Program Fee
Instructional Technology Fee
International Student Orientation Fee
International Student Services Fee
Learning Resource Center Fees
MBA/MPA Orientation Fee
Music Services Fee
Nursing Student Assistance Fee
Placement Fee
Practicum Fee
Reinstatement Fee
Theatre and Dance Building Services Fee
Theatre and Dance Performance and Production Fee
Undergraduate Writing Center Fee
Exemption from Fees
Fee Adjustments
Refunds for Students Withdrawing from the University
Refunds for Dropped Courses
Additional Fee Assessment for Added Courses
Optional Fee Refund Policies and Procedures
Short-Term Loans
Payment of Fees for Students with Physical Disabilities
Optional Fees
Student Insurance
Student Health Insurance Program
International Student Health Insurance
Student Liasbility Insurance
Identification Cards
Student Identification Cards
Faculty/Staff Identification Cards
Fees for Nonstudents
Auditor's Fee
Library Card Fee for Nonstudent Borrowers
Shuttle Bus Fee
Recreational and Facility Use Fees
4.Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Advising
Credit Value and Course Numbers
The Semester Hour
Course Numbers
Classification of Students
Texas Academic Skills Program
Quantity of Work Rule
Maximum Hours in the Fall and Spring Semesters
Maximum Hours in the Summer Session
Minimum Hours in the Fall and Spring Semesters
Minimum Hours in the Summer Session
Assistant Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Assistants (Graduate), and Graduate Research Assistants
Other Student Employees
Symbol X
Approved Uses of the Symbol X
Improper Uses of the Symbol X
Symbol CR
Credit/No Credit
Symbols S and U
Repetition of a Course
Computation of the Grade Point Average
Correspondence Work by Resident Students
Course Placement and Credit by Examination
Examinations Required for Course Placement
Optional Examinations
Measurement and Evaluation Center
Adding and Dropping Courses
Adding Courses
Dropping Courses: Rules for Undergraduate Students
Dropping a Course through the Twelfth Class Day
Dropping a Course through the Fourth Week of Classes
Dropping a Course after the Fourth Week of Classes
Dropping a Course after Midsemester
Dropping Courses: Rules for Graduate Students
Changing Course Registration to or from the Pass/Fail Basis or the Credit/No Credit Basis
Class Attendance
Availability of Classwork to Students
Scholastic Probation and Dismissal
Undergraduate Students
Table of Scholastic Standards for Continuance
Probation and Dismissal
Graduate Students
Honor Societies for Freshmen
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Leadership and Service Organizations
British Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships
Junior Fellows Program
College Scholars
University Honors
Graduation with University Honors
Teacher Certification
Placement Services
Personal Record Information
Summons to Administrative Offices
Official Communications with the University
5.Student Affairs
Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of the Dean of Students
Recreational Sports
Division of Housing and Food Service
Application Dates for University Housing
University-Owned Residence Halls for Men
University-Owned Residence Halls for Women
University-Owned Residence Halls for Men and Women
University-Owned Residences for Families
Cooperative Houses for Women
Privately Owned Housing
Student Financial Services
Estimated Costs
Application Dates
Course Load Requirements
Changes in Financial Circumstances
Satisfactory Progress
Types of Financial Aid
Gift Aid
Self-Help Funds
Long-Term Loans
Special Services for Financial Aid Recipients
Other Services Not Based on Financial Need
Requirements for Student Borrowers
Mandatory Interviews
Identification and Release of Official Transcript
Tuition Refunds and Repayment of Financial Aid
Repayment of Financial Aid
Refunds for Students Receiving Title IV Funding Who Withdraw from the University
University Health Services
Counseling, Learning, and Career Services
Counseling and Mental Health Center
Career Center
Learning Skills Center
The Texas Union
International Office
International Students
Sponsored Student Program
Irregular Student Status and Withdrawal Petition
Special Programs
Mandatory Health Insurance
English as a Second Language Services
Study Abroad
Exchange Programs
Affiliated Studies
Courses Taught Abroad
Financial Assistance
Student Government
Cabinet of College Councils
Student Publications
Legal Services for Students
Office of the Ombudsman
Student Grievance Procedures
General Statement
Scholastic Dishonesty
Group Responsibility
Disciplinary Procedures
Religious Organizations
Regulations Concerning the Registration of Motor Vehicles
6.Libraries and Other Academic Resources
The University Libraries
The General Libraries
Perry-Castaneda Library
Undergraduate Library
Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection
Branch Libraries
Collections Deposit Library
Wasserman Public Affairs Library
Library Services and Policies
Inter-Library Service
Library Hours
Lending Rules
Loan Periods
Schedule of Fines
Charges for Loss and Damange
Library Card for Non-University Borrowers
Other Libraries on Campus
Center for American History
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Law Library
Other Libraries in Austin
The University of Texas McDonald Observatory at Mount Locke
Texas Memorial Museum
The University of Texas Press
KUT Radio
Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services
Information Servers
University Mailbox Service
Computing Servers
UNIX, NT, and VMS Computer Systems
Network Services
Student Microcomputer Facility
Academic Computing Workstation Laboratory
High Performance Computing Systems
The Center for Instructional Technologies
Database Servers
Technical Support Services
Help Desk Services
Training Programs
Documentation Services
Software Distribution Services
Software Distribution Services
Maintenance and Data Communication Services
The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute
The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
The Institute of Latin American Studies
7.Ex-Students' Association
Appendix A: Residency Regulations
State Statutes
Minors and Dependents
Individuals over Eighteen
Married Students
Military Personnel and Veterans and Commissioned Officers of the Public Health Service
Teachers, Professors, and Their Dependents
Students Employed as Teaching or Research Assistants
Appeals to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Scholarship Recipients
Foreign Students
Student Responsibilities
University Regulations
Appendix B: Official Extracurricular Student Activities
Athletic Activities
Nonathletic Activities
Appendix C: Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
Chapter 1. Student Orientation
1-100. General Provisions
1-200. Administration of Orientation
1-300. Student Conduct
Chapter 2. The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar
2-100. General Provisions
2-200. The Office of Admissions
2-300. Admissions
2-400. Rules Applicable to Nonresidents
2-500. The Committee on Admissions and Registration
2-600. The Office of the Registrar
2-700. Jurisdiction and Transfer
2-800. The Official Transcript of Academic Record
2-900. Reports of Academic Work
Chapter 3. Student Financial Services
3-100. General Provisions
3-200. The Director of Student Financial Services
3-300. The Committee on Financial Aid to Students
3-400. Denial of Loans and Revocation of Scholarships
3-500. Disciplinary Offenses
Chapter 4. University Health Services
4-100. General Provisions
4-200. The Director and Associate Director for Clinical Services
4-300. The Student Health Committee
4-400. Medical Clearance Requirements for New and Returning Students, Fees, Payment for Services, Eligibility for University Health Services
4-500.General Administrative Policies
Chapter 5. University-Owned Residences
5-100. General Provisions
5-200. Administration of Housing
5-300. Residence Hall Contracts
5-400. Termination of Contracts
Chapter 6. Student Organizations
6-100. General Provisions
6-200. Registration
6-300. Rights and Duties
6-400. Discipline
Chapter 7. The Division of Recreational Sports
7-100. General Provisions
7-200. The Recreational Sports Committee
7-300. Participation in Recreational Sports Programs
7-400. Administration of the Recreational Sports Programs
7-500. Areas of the Division
Chapter 8. The Texas Union
8-100. General Provisions
8-200. The Board of Directors of the Texas Union
8-300. Review of Board Action
8-400. The Director of the Texas Union
8-500. The Texas Union Council
8-600. Union Facilities
Chapter 9. Educational Records
9-100. General Provisions
9-200. Directory Information and Student Records
9-300. Disciplinary Records
9-400. Official Transcripts
Chapter 10. Use of University Facilities
10-100. General Provisions
10-200. Reservation of a University Facility
10-300. Student Advocacy
10-400. Public Performances and Exhibitions
10-500. Solicitation
10-600. Appeal
Chapter 11. Student Discipline and Conduct
11-100. General Provisions
11-200. Administration of Discipline
11-300. Initiation of Disciplinary Proceedings
11-400. Hearing
11-500. Penalties
11-600. Appeal
11-700. Disciplinary Records
11-800. Student Standards of Conduct
Chapter 12. Counseling, Learning, and Career Services
12-100. General Provisions
12-200. Administration
12-300. Services Provided
12-400. Counseling and Mental Health Center Records
Appendix D: Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Students
Appendix E: Prohibition of Racial Harassment of Students
Appendix F: Prohibition of Hazing
Appendix G: Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection
Appendix H: Prohibition of Sexual Assault
Statistical Summaries
Undergraduate Degrees Conferred
Graduate Degrees Conferred
Enrollment Summaries