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Appendix A: Residency Regulations
     State Statutes
          Minors and Dependents
          Individuals over Eighteen
          Married Students
          Military Personnel and Veterans and Commissioned Officers of the Public Health Service
          Teachers, Professors, and Their Dependents
          Students Employed as Teaching or Research Assistants
          Appeals to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
          Scholarship Recipients
          Foreign Students
          Beneficiaries of the Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Program (Texas Tommorrow Fund)
          Student Responsibilities
     University Regulations
Appendix B: Official Extracurricular Student Activities
     Athletic Activities
     Nonathletic Activities
Appendix C: Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
     Chapter 1. Student Orientation
          1-100. General Provisions
          1-200. Administration of Orientation
          1-300. Student Conduct
     Chapter 2. The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar
          2-100. General Provisions
          2-200. The Office of Admissions
          2-300. Admissions
          2-400. Rules Applicable to Nonresidents
          2-500. The Admissions and Registration Committee
          2-600. The Office of the Registrar
          2-700. Jurisdiction and Transfer
          2-800. The Official Transcript of Academic Record
          2-900. Reports of Academic Work
     Chapter 3. Student Financial Services
          3-100. General Provisions
          3-200. The Director of Student Financial Services
          3-300. The Committee on Financial Aid to Students
          3-400. Denial of Loans and Revocation of Scholarships
          3-500. Disciplinary Offenses
     Chapter 4. University Health Services
          4-100. General Provisions
          4-200. The Director and Associate Director for Clinical Services
          4-300. Medical Clearance Requirements for New and Returning Students, Fees, Payment for Services, Eligibility
                      for University Health Services
          4-400. General Administrative Policies
     Chapter 5. University-Owned Residences
          5-100. General Provisions
          5-200. Administration of Housing
          5-300. Residence Hall Contracts
          5-400. Termination of Contracts
     Chapter 6. Student Organizations
          6-100. General Provisions
          6-200. Registration
          6-300. Rights and Duties
          6-400. Discipline
     Chapter 7. The Division of Recreational Sports
          7-100. General Provisions
          7-200. The Recreational Sports Committee
          7-300. Participation in Recreational Sports Programs
          7-400. Administration of the Recreational Sports Programs
          7-500. Areas of the Division
     Chapter 8. The Texas Union
          8-100. General Provisions
          8-200. The Board of Directors of the Texas Union
          8-300. Review of Board Action
          8-400. The Director of the Texas Union
          8-500. The Texas Union Council
          8-600. Union Facilities
     Chapter 9. Educational Records
          9-100. General Provisions
          9-200. Directory Information and Student Records
          9-300. Disciplinary Records
          9-400. Official Transcripts
     Chapter 10. Use of University Facilities
          10-100. General Provisions
          10-200. Reservation of a University Facility
          10-300. Student Advocacy
          10-400. Public Performances and Exhibitions
          10-500. Solicitation
          10-600. Appeal
     Chapter 11. Student Discipline and Conduct
          11-100. General Provisions
          11-200. Administration of Discipline
          11-300. Initiation of Disciplinary Proceedings
          11-400. Hearing
          11-500. Penalties
          11-600. Appeal
          11-700. Disciplinary Records
          11-800. Student Standards of Conduct
     Chapter 12. Counseling, Learning, and Career Services
          12-100. General Provisions
          12-200. Administration
          12-300. Services Provided
          12-400. Counseling and Mental Health Center Records
Appendix D: Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment
Appendix E: Prohibition of Student Harassment
Appendix F: Prohibition of Hazing
Appendix G: Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection
Appendix H: Prohibition of Sexual Assault
Appendix I: Student Policy on Race Relations

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Chapter 1 - The University
Chapter 2 - Admission
Chapter 3 - Registration, Fees, and Deposits
Chapter 4 - Academic Policies and Procedures
Chapter 5 - Student Affairs
Chapter 6 - Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Chapter 7 - Ex-Students' Association
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