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UT Austin
General Info 01-02


The University


Registration, Fees, and Deposits

Academic Policies and Procedures

Student Affairs

Libraries and Other Academic Resources

The Texas Exes





Officers of Administration


The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Officers

Larry R. Faulkner, PhD

Sheldon Ekland-Olson, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost

James L. Hill
Vice President for Community and School Relations

Patricia L. Clubb, PhD
Vice President for Employee and Campus Services

Teresa A. Sullivan, PhD
Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies

Daniel A. Updegrove, BS
Vice President for Information Technology

Patricia C. Ohlendorf, JD
Vice President for Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs

Donald A. Hale, BS
Vice President for Public Affairs

Juan M. Sanchez, PhD
Vice President for Research

Johnnie D. Ray, BA
Vice President for Resource Development

James W. Vick, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs

G. Charles Franklin, BBA
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

William S. Livingston, PhD
Senior Vice President

Stephen A. Monti, PhD
Executive Vice Provost

Lucia A. Gilbert, PhD
Vice Provost

William F. Lasher, PhD
Vice Provost

Victoria Rodriguez, PhD
Vice Provost

Charles A. Roeckle, PhD
Deputy to the President

Nancy J. McCowen
Executive Assistant to the President

Susan W. Clagett, MA
Special Assistant to the President for University Relations

Darrell K Royal, BS
Special Assistant to the President

Administrative Officers of the Colleges and Schools

Frederick R. Steiner, PhD
Dean, School of Architecture

Robert G. May, PhD
Dean, Red McCombs School of Business

Ellen A. Wartella, PhD
Dean, College of Communication

Thomas M. Hatfield, PhD
Dean, Division of Continuing and Extended Education

Manuel J. Justiz, PhD
Dean, College of Education

Ben G. Streetman, PhD, PE
Dean, College of Engineering

Robert Freeman, PhD
Dean, College of Fine Arts

William C. Powers Jr., JD
Dean, School of Law

Richard W. Lariviere, PhD
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Roberta I. Shaffer, MLS, JD
Dean, Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Mary Ann Rankin, PhD
Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Dolores Sands, PhD, RN
Dean, School of Nursing

Steven W. Leslie, PhD
Dean, College of Pharmacy

Edwin Dorn, PhD
Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Barbara W. White, PhD
Dean, School of Social Work

The University of Texas System

Executive Officers

R. D. (Dan) Burck, BBA

Charles B. Mullins, MD [1]
Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Kerry L. Kennedy, BBA, CPA
Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Edwin R. Sharpe Jr., PhD
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Cullen M. Godfrey, LLB
Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Tom Scott, MA
Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

Shirley Bird Perry, MA
Vice Chancellor for Development and External Relations

Mark A. Franz, BA
Vice Chancellor for Federal Relations

James C. Guckian, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Armando Diaz, MEd
Vice Chancellor for Community Relations

Dale E. Klein, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Special Engineering Programs

Joyce E. Moos
Executive Associate to the Chancellor

Lewis W. Wright, MBA
Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

Cathy A. Iberg, BS, CPA
Interim President and CEO of University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO)

Francie A. Frederick, JD
Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Regents

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Chapter 3 - Registration, Fees, and Deposits
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Chapter 5 - Student Affairs
Chapter 6 - Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Chapter 7 - The Texas Exes
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