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Appendix C. Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities



Chapter 12.  Counseling, Learning, and Career Services

Subchapter 12-100.  General Provisions

Sec. 12-101.  Purpose

The purpose of the services is to provide a broad spectrum of personal counseling, psychiatric, learning assistance, and career development services for students to help them promote, maintain, and improve their mental health and maximize their college experience.

Sec. 12-102.  Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "director" means the director of Counseling, Learning, and Career Services;
  2. "services" means Counseling, Learning, and Career Services;
  3. "university" means the University of Texas at Austin;
  4. "student" means a person enrolled at the university or a person accepted for admission or readmission to the university while that person is on the campus and is eligible for services.

Subchapter 12-200.  Administration

Sec. 12-201.  Duties of the Director

  1. The director shall
    1. maintain and administer the programs of the services so that they relate meaningfully to the needs of the student body and to the faculty;
    2. appoint assistants and coordinators for various phases of program planning, administration, and development; and
    3. designate specific staff members who will perform assigned duties in the absence of the director.
  2. The director is in charge of Counseling, Learning, and Career Services, is administratively responsible to, and shall report regularly to the vice president for student affairs.

Sec. 12-202.  Duties of the Associate Directors

  1. The associate directors are responsible for the duties assigned by the director.
  2. During the director's absence, the associate directors assume the duties of the director.

Subchapter 12-300.  Services Provided

Sec. 12-301.  Services Provided to Students

The services provide general and specific functions which include

  1. individual and group counseling;
  2. psychiatric evaluation and medication services;
  3. interpersonal skill workshops;
  4. couples counseling;
  5. mental health consultation and outreach services;
  6. immediate care;
  7. learning assistance; and
  8. career development services.

Sec. 12-302.  Services Provided to the University

The services provide consultation and crisis intervention to faculty, university residence personnel, and administrators for the resolution of problems of mutual responsibility and concern.

Subchapter 12-400.  Counseling and Mental Health Center Records

Sec. 12-401.  Confidentiality of Records

  1. Confidentiality of the records of Counseling and Mental Health Center, a component agency of Counseling, Learning, and Career Services, is governed by the laws of the State of Texas and applicable federal law.
  2. With certain exceptions, a student is entitled to review or have access to the content of his or her confidential records.


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