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2. Admission



Application Procedures

To be considered for admission as a freshman, the applicant must submit

  1. A completed State of Texas Common Application for Freshman Admission, including essays
  2. An official high school transcript showing rank and class size and coursework through at least the junior year
  3. An official test score report (SAT I or ACT), sent directly from the testing agency
  4. An application fee or request for fee exemption, described in the section "Application processing fee"

Applications may be completed online at the State of Texas Common Application Web site and are available at most Texas high schools.

A freshman applicant who has earned credit at another collegiate institution may not disregard any part of his or her academic record. Such credit must be reported on the appropriate section of the State of Texas Common Application for Freshman Admission. Applicants who fail to report all college coursework are subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion and possible loss of credit for subsequent work taken at the University.

Applicants may designate the University of Texas at Austin as a test score recipient at the time they take the SAT I or ACT, or they may request that scores be sent to the University by writing directly to the testing agency after they have taken the test. A photocopy of test results is not acceptable.

Admission Tests

The Scholastic Assessment Test I (SAT I) of the College Board or the ACT Assessment of the American College Testing Program is required of all freshman applicants who graduated from high school after the summer of 1956. Applicants are not required to take SAT II: Subject Tests for admission purposes, but must take the SAT II: Subject Test in Writing and the SAT II: Subject Test in Mathematics Level I, IC, or IIC prior to registration to determine placement in rhetoric and composition and mathematics courses.

The test schedules printed in this section indicate the dates the SAT I, the SAT II: Subject Tests, and the ACT Assessment are offered. Applicants who choose to submit the SAT I for admission purposes may not take the SAT II: Subject Tests on the same date. Test scores are received by the University (if the student designates the University as a test score recipient) about five weeks after the test date. Since the receipt of an official report from the testing agency is a crucial part of the application process, applicants should take the SAT I or the ACT no later than December of their senior year. Prospective students who have disabilities may make special testing arrangements by contacting the appropriate testing agency.

Information and registration materials may be obtained from the student's high school counselor or by writing to College Board SAT Program, P O Box 6200, Princeton, New Jersey, 08541-6200; or ACT Registration, P O Box 414, Iowa City, Iowa, 52243-0414.

The College Board maintains a Web site at The Web address of ACT is

SAT I and SAT II: Subject Tests Schedule
Test Date [1, 2, 3, 4]      U. S. and International
Registration Deadlines [7]
     U. S. Late Registration

October 12, 2002      September 10, 2002      September 14, 2002
November 2, 2002 [5]      September 27, 2002      October 9, 2002
December 7, 2001      November 1, 2001      November 13, 2002
January 25, 2003      December 20, 2002      January 2, 2003
April 5, 2003 [6]      February 28, 2003      March 12, 2003
May 3, 2003      March 28, 2003      April 9, 2003
June 7, 2003      April 2, 2003      May 14, 2003
ACT Test Schedule
Test Date      Regular Registration
Postmark Deadline [8]
     Late Registration
Postmark Deadline

September 28, 2002 [9]      August 23, 2002      September 6, 2002
October 26, 2002      September 20, 2002      October 4, 2002
December 14, 2002      November 8, 2002      November 21, 2002
February 8, 2003 [10]      January 3, 2003      January 17, 2003
April 12, 2003      March 7, 2003      March 21, 2003
June 14, 2003      May 9, 2003      May 23, 2003


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