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3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits



Student Insurance

Student Health Insurance Program. The Student Health Insurance Program, administered by University Health Services, provides optional low-cost group health insurance to students at the University of Texas at Austin who are not covered through other insurance programs. Additional information is available at University Health Services.

International student health insurance. The Student Health Insurance Program is mandatory for international students and the cost is added automatically to the student's fee bill each semester. A student who has an acceptable level of coverage under a mandatory employee insurance plan, including University employee insurance, or a mandatory government-sponsored plan, may request a waiver of the fee at the time of registration or a refund prior to the last class day each semester. The minimum acceptable level of coverage is $50,000 per accident or illness, $10,000 for medical evacuation to the home country, and $7,500 for repatriation. Waivers must be requested at the International Office. Dependents in J-2 (exchange visitor) status are also required to have an acceptable level of coverage. Coverage for dependents may be arranged through the International Office.

Student liability insurance. Students must show evidence of student liability insurance when enrolled in field experience courses that use off-campus facilities, if such facilities require the insurance.

Identification Cards

Student identification cards. Every student is required to have a University identification card. The card may be obtained after the student's first registration. Identification cards remain the property of the University and must be surrendered to any authorized University official as requested or when the student withdraws from the University. The student ID card displays the holder's photograph, name, and student identification number in addition to a library code. An ID card is required for many purposes, including use of the libraries and University Health Services; it may be used to draw tickets for or to be admitted to intercollegiate athletic events as well as other events.

The identification card is intended to be used throughout a student's enrollment at the University and is not reissued unless changes in data are required or the card is lost or stolen. A $10.00 fee will be charged for each identification card, original or replacement. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the ID Center by calling 471-4334; found cards should be returned to the ID Center.

The ID card should not be loaned to others, and its benefits are not transferable. Those who lend the card or use it for fraudulent purposes are subject to disciplinary action.

Faculty/staff identification cards. An ID card is also available to qualified faculty and staff members. The rules for use and most procedures are the same as for the student ID card; holders of faculty/staff ID cards should check with the ID Center for additional regulations. Cards must be returned to the ID Center upon termination of employment.

Fees for Nonstudents

Auditor's fee. A fee of $20.00 a course is required of individuals not registered in the University who wish to audit one or more courses. V.T.C.A., Education Code 54.210 provides that any person sixty-five years of age or older may audit any course offered by a component institution of The University of Texas System without the payment of the required fee if space is available. (See Auditing a Course.)

Library card fee for nonstudent borrowers. The University's libraries are open to the public for library use of materials. Adult Texas residents who are not members of the University community may borrow materials for home use by purchasing a Courtesy Borrower Card at the Perry-Castaneda Courtesy Borrower Services Desk. A photo ID and proof of Texas residency are required at the time of purchase. Outstanding library charges must be paid before a courtesy card will be issued. The fee is waived for current members of the Ex-Students' Association, for users who present valid TexShare cards from libraries participating in the TexShare Card Program, and for other users included in reciprocal borrowing agreements in which the General Libraries participates. Cards are valid for the period of enrollment, membership or appointment, not to exceed one year. A card may be renewed on the same basis as it was originally issued or according to other requirements as noted.

Courtesy borrowers are assessed fines and fees for late, lost, and damaged materials at the same rate as students. Unpaid charges may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

Shuttle bus fee. The University shuttle bus system is operated for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, their dependents, and retirees of the University of Texas at Austin. The system is funded entirely by the mandatory student services fee. Shuttle bus patrons should be prepared to show their IDs on request.

Shuttle service is provided on all scheduled registration, class, and final examination days. No service is provided on weekends or holidays with the exception of Saturday final examinations. Maps and schedules are available at the information desks in the Main Building and the Texas Union. Written inquiries regarding changes to routes or policies should be sent to the Shuttle Bus Committee, P O Box 8179, Austin, Texas 78713-8179.

Recreational and facility use fees. Nonstudents who want to use Gregory Gymnasium pool, facilities in Bellmont Hall, Anna Hiss Gymnasium, the Recreational Sports Center, the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, the Commons Recreation Area (Pickle Research Campus), the Penick-Allison Tennis Complex, and Clark and Whitaker Fields, must pay fees according to the schedule below.

Member      Annual Fee
  Semester or
Session Fee [2]

University Personnel
     Faculty/Staff member      $227.00   $104.00
          Optional locker[3]           60.00 / 30.00   25.00 / 12.00
     Faculty/Staff retired      107.00   52.00
     Faculty/Staff spouse      163.00   80.00
     Faculty/Staff spouse only      227.00   104.00
     Faculty/Staff senior child [4]      163.00   80.00
     Faculty/Staff child [5]      66.00   34.00
     Faculty/Staff family      456.00   219.00
     Pickle Research Campus
Faculty/Staff member [6]
     77.00   41.00
     Pickle Research Campus
Faculty/Staff spouse only [6]
     77.00   41.00
     Student spouse           Not available   58.00
     Student senior child [4]      Not available   58.00
     Student child [5]      Not available   29.00
     Student family      Not available   86.00

Associate Member/Spouse      $350.00   $140.00

Member guest pass        $8.00/day  

Official visitor [7]        Fee varies  

Applications are available in Division of Recreational Sports Membership Services, RSC 1.136. A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged for lost Recreational Sports identification cards.


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