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5. Student Affairs



Division of Housing and Food Service

Students at the University of Texas at Austin may choose to live on or off campus. The University does not extend approved housing status to any residential unit except those that are University-owned and operated. The Division of Housing and Food Service will not be a party to the enforcement of any contract between students, parents, and landlords of privately owned student housing; however, Legal Services for Students may provide assistance with tenant-landlord disputes.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to live in University-owned housing. Freshmen are encouraged to consider living in University residence halls. The experience of many students indicates that adjustment to University life is often easier for those who live on campus. Research has shown that students who live in residence halls are more fully involved in academic and extracurricular activities, earn higher grade point averages, more frequently exceed predicted levels of learning and personal development, and more frequently complete their college education within four years than students who live off campus.

Information about University housing is available on the World Wide Web at University residence hall information is also available from the Division of Housing and Food Service, P O Box 7666, Austin, Texas 78713-7666. A brief description of University housing follows. (See also chapter 5 of Appendix C, Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities.)

Application dates for housing in University residence halls. There is no deadline for applying for housing in University residence halls. Applications will be accepted beginning September 1 for the next long session (fall and spring semesters), June 1 for the next spring semester, and February 1 for the next summer session. Applications submitted by incoming freshmen who have been regularly admitted to the University receive priority when contracts are offered.

University-owned residence halls for men. University residence halls for men include Moore-Hill, Prather, and Simkins Halls, which together can accommodate 738 residents.

University-owned residence halls for women. The University owns and operates two residence halls that accommodate 896 women: Kinsolving and Littlefield. Freshman women who apply for housing with Littlefield as their first building choice and receive contracts before March 1 will be given priority consideration for assignment to Littlefield.

University-owned residence halls for men and women. Jester Center, the Living Learning Center, San Jacinto Hall, Brackenridge Hall and Roberts Hall accommodate 3,563 students. Andrews, Blanton, and Carothers honors residence halls accommodate 492 students.

University-owned residences for families. The University Apartments for student families are located in off-campus areas with shuttle bus service available. Gateway Apartments and Colorado Apartments have a total of 400 air-conditioned, unfurnished units; Brackenridge I and II include 315 one-, two-, and three-bedroom, air-conditioned, unfurnished units. Rates for Colorado Apartments include gas and water. Rates for all other units include only water. Residents pay for electricity in all units. Information about University-owned residences for families is available from the University Apartments, 3501 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78703.

Cooperative houses. The privately managed on-campus cooperative houses offer a combination of independence, friendly community, and significant savings. Cooperative housing reduces living costs by each resident's assuming responsibility for the day-to-day operation and management of the household. The residents share in meal preparation and housekeeping duties with sixteen to twenty undergraduate and graduate students living in each house. To obtain information, rates, and/or an application, contact Cooperative Housing, Student Heritage Housing, Inc., 2222 Pearl Street, Austin, Texas 78705, (512) 476-2667.

Privately owned housing. A wide range of privately owned housing is available for men, women, and families in the University community. Arrangements for living in these residence halls, rooming and boarding houses, cooperative houses, apartments, and private homes are made directly with the management of each residence. The Division of Housing and Food Service maintains a partial list of privately owned accommodations whose management has submitted a statement indicating that the facilities meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and are available to all students regardless of race, creed, or national origin. However, the University accepts no responsibility for the terms of rental or the accommodations offered and will not be a party to the enforcement of contracts between students, parents, and landlords for privately owned housing. The list may be reviewed at the Division of Housing and Food Service located in Kinsolving, 200 West Dean Keeton Street. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Additional information on privately owned residence halls is accessible through a link from


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