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General Info 03-04

Table of Contents

1. The University

2. Admission

3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits

4. Academic Policies and Procedures

5. Student Affairs

6. Libraries and Other Academic Resources

7. The Texas Exes

A. Residency Regulations

B. Official Extracurricular Student Activities

C. Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

D. Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

E. Policy on Sexual Misconduct

F. Prohibition of Hazing

G. Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection

H. Prohibition of Sexual Assault

I. Nondiscrimination Policy

J. Prohibition of Campus Violence

K. Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events

L. Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

Statistical Summaries



3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits



Fee Adjustments

Refunds are applied to any current and outstanding debts owed to the University. Section 54.006(d) of the Texas Education Code requires that the University refund tuition and fees paid by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship to the source, rather than directly to the student, if funds were made available through the University. All refund orders are cashed at the Office of Accounting Cashiers in Main Building 8.

Refunds for Students Withdrawing from the University

Students who withdraw from the University receive a refund of a percentage of their tuition and required fees. The percentage varies according to the student's effective withdrawal date:

Long Session

Official withdrawal date      Percentage refund
Prior to the first class day      100% less $15.00
matriculation fee
During the first five class days      80%
During the second five class days      70%
During the third five class days      50%
During the fourth five class days      25%
After the fourth five class days      none

Summer Session

Official withdrawal date      Percentage refund
Prior to the first class day      100% less $15.00
matriculation fee
During the first, second, or third class day      80%
During the fourth, fifth, or sixth class day      50%
After the sixth class day      none

Students withdrawn by the University because of a returned check are assessed a matriculation fee that enables the University to recover a portion of the processing costs of registration for students allowed a full refund. The fee is not assessed when the University initiates the withdrawal of a student for scholastic reasons or course cancellations.

Withdrawal refunds are based on the student's schedule on the effective date of withdrawal; adds and drops are included in the calculation. In some cases, a student may receive two refund checks, one based on dropped courses and one based on withdrawal percentages for remaining courses.

A student withdrawn by the University for scholastic or other reasons will receive a full refund of fees paid that semester.

A student who withdraws after receiving any cash payment from the Office of Student Financial Services may be required to make full or partial repayment. Funds received through the Federal College Work-Study Program are not subject to repayment. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information regarding repayment obligations.

A student who withdraws as a result of being called to active military service may choose to receive a refund of tuition and fees. More information is given in the section "Withdrawal."

Student Accounts Receivable initiates refunds for all eligible students who submit approved withdrawal petitions to the Office of the Registrar as described in the section "Withdrawal." A refund is issued no earlier than thirty days after the date the student paid the initial tuition and fee bill. The refund is sent to the address specified on the withdrawal petition.

Adjustments for Added and Dropped Classes

Charges for added classes must be paid by the end of the twelfth class day in the fall and spring semesters and by the end of the fourth class day in the summer. Students can determine what they owe by calling TEX at (512) 475-9950, option 22, or by visiting the Student Accounts Receivable Web site.

Refund of tuition and some required fees, less any debts owed to the University, is made for classes dropped during the first twelve class days in the fall and spring semesters and during the first four class days in the summer. No refunds are made for classes dropped after these dates. Refunds are issued the week after the twelfth (or fourth) class day. They are mailed to the student's local address or deposited into the account the student has designated if an electronic funds transfer authorization is in effect. The student may contact Student Accounts Receivable at (512) 475-7777 to verify account information.

Optional Fee Refunds

Refunds for the Cactus yearbook may be requested at the Texas Student Publications office.

Parking permit refunds may be requested at the Parking and Transportation Services office.

Tuition Rebates for Certain Undergraduates

An undergraduate may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 if, at graduation, he or she has attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. The student must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  1. The student must not have been enrolled at any institution of higher education before the fall semester 1997.

  2. At the time he or she earns a first undergraduate degree, the student must have attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. Hours attempted include all courses the student has undertaken, such as transfer credit, courses the student dropped or from which the student withdrew after the date the official enrollment count was taken, developmental courses taken for credit, optional internship and cooperative education courses, courses the student failed, and courses the student repeated. If the student has earned credit by examination for more than nine hours of coursework, the hours in excess of nine are also counted as hours attempted. Courses dropped for reasons that are determined by the institution to be totally beyond the control of the student shall not be counted.

  3. The student must have attempted all coursework at a Texas public institution of higher education.

  4. The student must have been a Texas resident and must have been eligible to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree.

An eligible student should submit a request for a rebate in the dean's office when the student files an application for graduation; the request must be submitted before the official date of graduation. The rebate may be reduced by the amount of any outstanding student loan owed to or guaranteed by the State of Texas.

Short-Term Loans

The University provides short-term emergency and tuition loans to students. Emergency loans are cash loans, normally for one month, and are designed to be repaid in full on or before the due date. Tuition loans, which have a one- to three-month repayment period, must be applied to a student's fee bill. Any subsequent refund of tuition and/or fees must be applied to an emergency or tuition loan, regardless of the due date of the loan.

Payment of Fees for Students with Physical Disabilities

The Texas Rehabilitation Commission offers payment of tuition and other fees and services to students (normally nonveterans) who have certain disabilities if the student's vocational objective is approved by a representative of the agency. Application for vocational rehabilitation should be made to the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, P O Box 7638, Austin TX 78713-7638, (512) 476-7374.


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General Information
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The University
Chapter 2 - Admission
Chapter 3 - Registration, Fees, and Deposits
Chapter 4 - Academic Policies and Procedures
Chapter 5 - Student Affairs
Chapter 6 - Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Chapter 7 - The Texas Exes
Appendix A - Residency Regulations
Appendix B - Official Extracurricular Student Activities
Appendix C - Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
Appendix D - Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Appendix E - Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Appendix F - Prohibition of Hazing
Appendix G - Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection
Appendix H - Prohibition of Sexual Assault
Appendix I - Nondiscrimination Policy
Appendix J - Prohibition of Campus Violence
Appendix K - Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events
Appendix L - Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations
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