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General Info 04-05

Table of Contents

1. The University

2. Admission

3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits

4. Academic Policies and Procedures

5. Student Affairs

6. Libraries and Other Academic Resources

7. The Texas Exes

A. Residency Regulations

B. Official Extracurricular Student Activities

C. Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

D. Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

E. Policy on Sexual Misconduct

F. Prohibition of Hazing

G. Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection

H. Prohibition of Sexual Assault

I. Nondiscrimination Policy

J. Prohibition of Campus Violence

K. Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events

L. Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

M. Rules of Conduct for Students for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers

N. Use of E-mail for Official Correspondence to Students

Statistical Summaries



Appendix C. Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities



Chapter 4.  University Health Services

Subchapter 4-100.  General Provisions

Sec. 4-101.  Purpose

University Health Services exists primarily to assist the student to avoid or minimize any interruption in his or her academic program for medical reasons. Toward that end, University Health Services provides (1) a broad range of professional medical services for the prompt diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries; (2) a variety of disease prevention and health promotion programs; (3) immunizations for vaccine-preventable diseases; and (4) other public health services such as responding to certain infectious diseases on campus.

For a detailed discussion of benefits and services offered, see the University Health Services Web site or brochure.

Sec. 4-102.  Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "director" means the director of University Health Services;
  2. "president" means the president of the University of Texas at Austin;
  3. "student" means a person enrolled at the University;
  4. "University" means the University of Texas at Austin; and
  5. "vice president" means the vice president for student affairs, or a delegate or representative of the vice president.

Subchapter 4-200.  The Director and Associate Director for Clinical Services

Sec. 4-201.  The Director

  1. The director is responsible for the overall operation of University Health Services and reports to the vice president for student affairs.
  2. The director is responsible for establishing the organizational structure and specifying functional relationships among organizational components, providing for the orderly development and management of the unit, supporting a policy on patients' rights and responsibilities, and maintaining a program that evaluates the quality of care provided and appropriately addressing identified problems.

Sec. 4-202.  The Associate Director for Clinical Services

  1. The associate director for clinical services is responsible for all medical activities of University Health Services.
  2. The associate director for clinical services or the associate director's designate shall, in certain circumstances, notify the appropriate academic dean of any student whose medical condition indicates that withdrawal from the University would be in the best interest of the student (see section 4-402).

Subchapter 4-300.  Medical Clearance Requirements for New and Returning Students, Fees, Payment for Services, Eligibility for University Health Services

Sec. 4-301.  Medical Clearance Requirements

  1. All new students and returning students who have not attended the University for the past five years must provide proof of the following, certified by a physician or nurse, before they will be allowed to register:
    1. All students born after January 1, 1957:
      1. documentation of two doses of Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine given after 1968 with the first dose administered on or after the first birthday and the second dose administered at least thirty days after the first dose, or
      2. documentation of measles and mumps immunity (by either physician diagnosed history of the disease or protective antibody titer) and documentation of rubella (by protective antibody titer only; physician diagnosed history of rubella is not accepted).
    2. All students born outside the United States: A PPD skin test for tuberculosis performed and interpreted in millimeters in the United States within one year of admission to the University.
  2. Students must complete and return a Prematriculation Immunization Record form to University Health Services prior to registration.
  3. Exclusion from requirements (1) and (2) may be allowed on the basis of medical contraindications or religious conflict. Any prospective new student requesting a waiver of requirements (1) and (2) must provide either
    1. an affidavit signed by a physician duly licensed under the Medical Practice Act, stating that in his or her opinion as a physician the required immunization(s) could be injurious to the student's health, or
    2. an affidavit signed by the student, or the student's parent or guardian if a minor, stating that the immunizations conflict with the tenets and practice of a recognized church or religious denomination of which the student is an adherent or member. During emergencies or epidemics declared by the Commission of Health of the State of Texas, exemption on the basis of religious conflict may be denied.

Sec. 4-302.  Fees

University Health Services is supported entirely by the medical services fee and by charges for certain supplies and services. There is no charge for office visits during regular hours of operation; however, there are charges for many services and procedures such as laboratory tests, X rays, physical therapy treatments, and medications. These charges are generally lower than the cost of comparable services in the local community. An after-hours fee is assessed for urgent care services on weekends and official University holidays.

Sec. 4-303.  Payment for Services

Any student who incurs a charge for services rendered by University Health Services must satisfy such indebtedness expeditiously. Every possible assistance will be rendered to the student in making arrangements for satisfaction of incurred charges. If payment is not received and/or arrangements are not made within a specified period of time, the processing of the student's transcript, diploma, and/or continued registration will be denied until outstanding charges have been paid in full.

Sec. 4-304.  Eligibility for University Health Services

  1. An individual may use University Health Services if
    1. the person is regularly enrolled at the University;
    2. the person is participating in University-sponsored short-term activities such as seminars, institutes, and workshops, provided the sponsoring agency has received approval from the director. Fees will be based on nonstudent rates.
    3. the person is not enrolled but was registered during the semester immediately preceding the time when services are requested, and the person pays a special fee. Eligibility extends for only one semester after the last semester the person was enrolled.
    4. the person is enrolled in and has paid a medical services fee to another university that has a cooperative agreement with the University.
    5. the person is a University faculty or staff member who is participating in a public health or immunization program. Faculty and staff members are not eligible for regular services, with the exception of immunizations, allergy injections, and certain educational programs.
  2. Registered students become eligible to use University Health Services during the week prior to the first day of class each semester. Specific eligibility dates are given in the official academic calendar.

Subchapter 4-400.  General Administrative Policies

Sec. 4-401.  Informed Consent

The parent or guardian of a minor student must give appropriate consent for treatment before care can be provided at University Health Services, except in cases where urgent care is required.

Sec. 4-402.  Medical Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University for medical reasons may (a) be initiated at the request of a student or (b) be mandatory when the medical condition of the student has been determined to constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of the student or to individuals who come in contact with the student. Withdrawal for either reason must be approved by the associate director for clinical services or the associate director's designate.

Sec. 4-403.  Reduced Course Load

Course load reductions are always the prerogative of the academic dean; where medical reasons are given, the role of the associate director for clinical services or the associate director's designate is advisory only.

Sec. 4-404.  Responsibility of University Health Services

Any intentional action on the part of the student which is against the advice of a University Health Services physician abrogates all responsibility on the part of University Health Services.

Sec. 4-405.  Requests to Administer Medications

Requests to administer medications ordered by a private physician must be within the scope of services offered at University Health Services, must be approved by the associate director for clinical services, and will be granted only if the student presents a written order from the prescribing physician which contains the following:

  1. the type of medication,
  2. the dosage schedule,
  3. any cautions and contraindications, and
  4. description of the method of administration.

Sec. 4-406.  Urgent Care Services

  1. In case of a medical emergency where life or limb is threatened, 911 should be called. University Health Services is not equipped to manage medical emergencies.
  2. Urgent care is available to a student who sustains an acute injury or suffers a sudden illness requiring immediate medical attention from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm Saturday and Sunday during the long session. Operating hours may vary during the summer, between semesters, and on University holidays. Hours are posted at the University Health Services Web site.
  3. There is a charge for urgent care services on weekends and on official University holidays.

Sec. 4-407.  Treatment at Other Facilities

  1. University Health Services assumes no financial responsibility for a student's care at another medical facility.
  2. A student who goes to or is taken to another medical facility for emergency or other treatment, regardless of geographical location or other circumstantial factors, is responsible for all resulting costs.

Sec. 4-408.  Personal Property

  1. University Health Services is not responsible for a student's personal belongings; the student is responsible for arranging for the safekeeping of these articles.
  2. In instances wherein custody of a patient's property by University Health Services is necessary, or wherein a patient leaves personal possessions in waiting rooms or clinics, University Health Services will exercise all prudent means of securing and returning such property to the owner, but cannot be held responsible for losses through theft.

Sec. 4-409.  Medical Records

All original medical records and other documents of treatment, whether from University Health Services or another facility or provider, are the property of University Health Services. Medical information will be reported as required by state law. Additional information from patient records will be released only with informed written consent.


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General Information
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The University
Chapter 2 - Admission
Chapter 3 - Registration, Fees, and Deposits
Chapter 4 - Academic Policies and Procedures
Chapter 5 - Student Affairs
Chapter 6 - Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Chapter 7 - The Texas Exes
Appendix A - Residency Regulations
Appendix B - Official Extracurricular Student Activities
Appendix C - Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
Appendix D - Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Appendix E - Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Appendix F - Prohibition of Hazing
Appendix G - Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection
Appendix H - Prohibition of Sexual Assault
Appendix I - Nondiscrimination Policy
Appendix J - Prohibition of Campus Violence
Appendix K - Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events
Appendix L - Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations
Appendix M - Rules of Conduct for Students for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
Appendix N - Use of E-mail for Official Correspondence to Students
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