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General Info 04-05

Table of Contents

1. The University

2. Admission

3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits

4. Academic Policies and Procedures

5. Student Affairs

6. Libraries and Other Academic Resources

7. The Texas Exes

A. Residency Regulations

B. Official Extracurricular Student Activities

C. Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

D. Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

E. Policy on Sexual Misconduct

F. Prohibition of Hazing

G. Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection

H. Prohibition of Sexual Assault

I. Nondiscrimination Policy

J. Prohibition of Campus Violence

K. Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events

L. Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

M. Rules of Conduct for Students for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers

N. Use of E-mail for Official Correspondence to Students

Statistical Summaries



5. Student Affairs


Vice President for Student Affairs

The vice president for student affairs administers the Division of Student Affairs, which encompasses Counseling, Learning, and Career Services; the Office of the Dean of Students; Student Financial Services; University Health Services; the Division of Housing and Food Service; Legal Services for Students; the Division of Recreational Sports; the Office of the Registrar; Texas Student Publications; and the Texas Union. The vice president serves as liaison between the president of the University and the directors of the student services units, and provides leadership in the development of programs that supplement the classroom experience and enrich the quality of campus life.

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students, through its own programs and in cooperation and consultation with other offices, endeavors to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help them succeed at the University. The office provides developmental and support services to the general student population as well as to special groups.

Greek Life and Education coordinates leadership programs for fraternities and sororities and serves as liaison to the Interfraternity, National Pan-Hellenic, Panhellenic, Texas Asian Panhellenic, and United Greek Councils. New Student Services administers the presemester and summer orientation sessions for new students, Start Fresh events at the beginning of the fall semester, and various programs, activities, and services for students in their first year on campus. Campus and Community Involvement registers student organizations; provides facilities, information, leadership training, banking services, and other administrative services for student organizations and activities on the campus; and manages the Student Organization Center in the Student Services Building. Academic Enrichment Services offers a variety of academic support programs to help students remain at the University and graduate. Services for Students with Disabilities works to ensure that students who have disabilities have equal access to the University's programs and services. A variety of services and accommodations are available. Specific accommodations are determined by the student's needs. Services are offered to students with a variety of disabilities, including visual, hearing, and mobility impairments, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, medical conditions, and psychological disabilities. Student Judicial Services implements and interprets University regulations related to student behavior and works with faculty members regarding scholastic dishonesty. The Volunteer and Service Learning Center provides volunteer opportunities for University students, with the goal of meeting the needs of the community while enriching the lives of program participants.

Recreational Sports

The Division of Recreational Sports develops and conducts programs that provide opportunities for University students, faculty members, and staff members to participate in recreational activities. Five major program areas offer a variety of structures within which members of the University community may pursue recreational interests. Intramural tournaments and events are scheduled throughout the year for individual, dual, and team participation. The tournaments and events are organized to provide separate competition among coeducational teams, teams for men, and teams for women. Sport clubs provide an opportunity to participate in a single sport on a continuing basis. Approximately forty clubs, ranging from aikido to lacrosse to sailing, are active each semester. Outdoor Recreation provides equipment rental and supervised trips in a variety of activities such as backpacking, camping, canoeing, riding, kayaking, nature hiking, and rock climbing. Fitness and Wellness opportunities include group fitness and mind/body classes, personal training, and massage services. In addition to structured sports programs, the division promotes the concept of informal recreational use of athletic facilities through the Open Recreation Program. A reservation service is available for most activity areas, and facilities are supervised to enhance the enjoyment of participants. Programs, activities, and facilities are open to all currently registered students as well as faculty members, staff members, and the spouses and children of students, faculty members, and staff members who purchase membership in Recreational Sports. Facilities are available to children at designated times only.

The Recreational Sports Center and Gregory Gymnasium offer participants the opportunity to check out sports equipment. The Gregory Gym store sells sports equipment, clothing, personal hygiene items, and snacks. Gregory Gymnasium provides an additional service to participants by renting outdoor equipment at the Outdoor Center.


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General Information
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The University
Chapter 2 - Admission
Chapter 3 - Registration, Fees, and Deposits
Chapter 4 - Academic Policies and Procedures
Chapter 5 - Student Affairs
Chapter 6 - Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Chapter 7 - The Texas Exes
Appendix A - Residency Regulations
Appendix B - Official Extracurricular Student Activities
Appendix C - Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
Appendix D - Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Appendix E - Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Appendix F - Prohibition of Hazing
Appendix G - Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection
Appendix H - Prohibition of Sexual Assault
Appendix I - Nondiscrimination Policy
Appendix J - Prohibition of Campus Violence
Appendix K - Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events
Appendix L - Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations
Appendix M - Rules of Conduct for Students for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
Appendix N - Use of E-mail for Official Correspondence to Students
Statistical Summaries

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