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General Information | 2005-2006

Shuttle Bus Service

The University shuttle bus system is operated for the benefit of students, faculty and staff members, and retirees of the University. The system is funded entirely by the mandatory student services fee. Shuttle bus patrons should be prepared to show their IDs on request.

Shuttle service is provided on all scheduled registration, class, and final examination days. On most routes, service is not provided on holidays or on Saturdays that are not final examination days. Shuttle bus maps and schedules are available online, in the Parking and Transportation Services office, and at the information desks in the Main Building and the Texas Union. Questions about routes or policies should be sent by e-mail to

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Student Parking

Students who drive or park a vehicle on campus must purchase a permit from Parking and Transportation Services (PTS). To park within the campus boundaries, a proper permit must be displayed as required. Purchase of a surface lot permit (A, C, DC, M) does not assure a parking space in a specific lot. Purchase of a garage permit (R, S, N) generally assures an unassigned parking space in the garage in which it is valid.

The following policies, fees, and regulations are proposed for the 2005-2006 academic year. They are subject to final confirmation by the Board of Regents and will be effective on the date enacted. For the most current regulations, a student should visit the PTS Web site, visit the PTS office on the first level of the Trinity Parking Garage (1815 Trinity Street), or call (512) 471-PARK (471-7275).

Students are eligible for the following types of parking permits and access cards:

  1. Class C (surface commuting student) parking permits are available to all students enrolled at the University. The fee is $100 for the year. This permit allows parking in "C" and "Longhorn" lots.
  2. Class C+ (surface commuting student plus Night Horn garage access) parking permits are available to all students enrolled at the University. The fee is $160 per year. This permit allows parking in "C" and "Longhorn" lots. It also allows parking in University garages, within the limits given for Night Horn permits in item 8 below.
  3. Class A (surface faculty/staff) parking permits are available to University graduate students who are also employed by the University for at least twenty hours a week. The student's employment must be verified by a signed copy of the appointment or reappointment form or a letter from the dean, director, or department chair. The fee is $120 a year. This permit allows parking in "A" parking areas, in "Longhorn" lots, and in "C" lots after 2 pm.
  4. Class DC (student with disabilities) parking permits are available to University students with disabilities. The applicant must present a state-issued license plate or placard for the disabled and a copy of his or her Texas Department of Transportation VTR214 form with a doctor's signature. The fee is $100 a year. Individuals whose vehicles display both a valid University permit for the disabled and the appropriate state-issued license plate or placard may park in any space with a "D" or handicap designation.
        A student whose vehicle displays the disabled veteran license plate or Congressional Medal of Honor recipient's license plate or placard is exempt from the payment of all parking fees on campus but must display the Class DC parking permit.
        Temporary permits for the disabled are also available at the PTS office.
  5. Class M (motorcycle/moped/motor scooter) parking permits are available to any University student or faculty or staff member. The fee is $60 a year, but there is no charge for a Class M permit with the purchase of another permit except an R permit. The Class M permit allows parking in "M" parking areas; motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters may not be parked in automobile parking areas.
  6. Class R (garage resident student) parking permits are available to residents of University-owned housing located on the main campus. The fee is for $360 a semester or $648 for nine months. Class R permits are valid through May 31 of the following year. Students may purchase a permit for the summer session for an additional fee of $225. The Class R permit allows parking in "R" areas in the garage designated on the permit; it also allows parking in "Longhorn" lots.
  7. Class S (garage commuting student) parking permits are available to University students who live off campus. The fee is $256 per semester, $131 for the summer session, or $540 for twelve months. Class S permits allow parking in the garage designated on the permit and in "Longhorn" lots.
  8. Class N (Night Horn garage access) parking permits are available to anyone affiliated with the University. The fee is $60 for a year, $44 for a long-session semester, or $30 for a summer session. Class N permits allow parking when space is available in any University garage. Class N permits are valid for the Brazos Garage from 5:00 pm to 4:00 am, Monday through Sunday; they are valid for all other garages from 5:00 pm to 4:00 am, Monday through Thursday, and from 5:00 pm Friday to 4:00 am Monday.

Class C, C+, M, and A permits purchased in the fall semester are valid through August 31 of the following year. Permits purchased after September 30 are prorated monthly. Permit refunds are offered during the add/drop period for the semester that the permit was purchased, and replacement permits are available for a nominal fee.

Parking may be restricted in any garage or surface lot for special events.

The following charges for violation of parking and traffic regulations are in effect for 2005-2006. Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to refer any violator to the Office of the Dean of Students or the appropriate academic dean or department director.

Violation Penality
Unauthorized parking in an "At All Times" space $50.00
Improper method of parking $25.00
Disabled vehicle [1] $50.00
Unauthorized special event parking $25.00
Inhabiting a vehicle of any kind on University property without authorization $50.00
Parking overtime at a meter $15.00
Improper use of a controlled access area or a key card $25.00
Unauthorized parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities [2] $150.00
Unauthorized parking in Thompson Conference Center or LBJ Library lot $25.00
Moped/motorcycle/motorbike parked in a space designated for four-wheeled vehicles $25.00
Unregistered bicycle $10.00
Bicycle or EPAMD parking in areas other than those designated for bicycles [2] $10.00
Violating temporary parking restrictions $25.00
Parked in violation of set time parameters $25.00
Idling at air intake louvers $25.00
Failure to display proper permit on a registered vehicle. (Three warning tickets per academic year, then $10.00 per incident.) $10.00
Possession, counterfeiting, or altering of a University permit and/or possession of lost, stolen, or invalid permit. The cost of the permit is added to the penalty. $150.00
Obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. [1] $25.00
Parking in a fire lane, at a fire hydrant, or on a red or yellow curb. $50.00
Parking or driving on sidewalks, grass, or shrubbery. The cost of repairs is added to the penalty. $25.00
Improper passenger pickup and drop off $25.00
Exceeding 15 miles per hour speed limit or other posted speed limit on campus $25.00
Violation of an official traffic control device, such as a STOP or YIELD sign $50.00
Moving violation of Texas motor vehicle laws not otherwise specified in these rules and regulations $50.00
Other nonmoving violation of Texas motor vehicle laws $25.00
Moving a barricade or parking within any barricaded area or moving a vehicle without permission of owner/operator. [1] $25.00
Failure to stop and heed instructions given by a University police officer or guard $25.00
Parking or operating a motor vehicle while privileges are suspended. [2] $100.00
Roller-skating, skateboarding, or operating a scooter on campus $15.00
Having a vehicle of any type within a University building (except a parking facility) $15.00
Parking without authorized valid permit $25.00
Theft of property or damaging property by unauthorized boot removal. The replacement cost of damaged property is added to the penalty. $75.00
Improper exit from a University parking garage. The maximum daily fee is also assessed. [2] $50.00
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The Texas Exes

The Texas Exes, established as the Ex-Students' Association in 1885, is one of the largest self-governed alumni organizations in the country. The association provides news and information about the University to its 70,000 members, raises money for scholarships and teaching awards, promotes University activities, and offers benefits to members interested in specific University programs.

In 2004, the Texas Exes awarded $1.5 million in scholarships to more than seven hundred students. Many of these students were freshmen who received scholarships from Texas Exes chapters across the United States. Each year, freshman scholars chosen from the top ranks of their high school classes bring the highest academic achievements and standards to the University.

News of the University reaches members of the association through The Alcalde, a bimonthly magazine. The Texas Exes provide lifetime learning opportunities through Flying Longhorn tours to all parts of the world, Alumni Campus Abroad programs, use of the University libraries, and University of Texas Press book discounts. Discounts on services and merchandise and a membership directory are available to members. The association's Texas Exes Student Chapter provides Camp Texas for entering freshmen, career contacts and internships for students, and many opportunities for involvement. These activities help build students' leadership skills and sense of loyalty to the University. The association also provides career services for alumni, including job listings, a resume database, career workshops, individual consulting, and a network of alumni advisers.

The Texas Exes' home on campus is the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, which stands on San Jacinto Boulevard across from Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Facilities include a banquet hall, offices, meeting rooms, and parking. The building is named for Lila B. Etter and John P. Harbin. Etter, whose bequest to the University financed much of the original structure in 1965, was the daughter of the University's first president, Leslie Waggener. Harbin is a distinguished alumnus and past president of the Texas Exes. His gift provided site preservation, development, and landscaping.

The University depends on the time and talents of Texas Exes members to support and carry out many of its programs. Membership is a charitable contribution. More information is available at the Texas Exes Web site, by phone at (512) 471-8839, and by e-mail at

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Student affairs

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