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General Information, 2006-2007


About the Catalog
Officers of Administration
Board of Regents
Academic Calendar, Long Session, 2006-2007
Academic Calendar, Summer Session, 2007

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1. The University

Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity
Title IX/ADA/504 Coordinators
Honor Code
Organization of the University's Academic Units
Historical Sketch
Buildings and Grounds

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2. Admission

Undergraduate Admission
     Freshman Admission
     Transfer Admission
     Additional Requirements and Restrictions for Some Freshman
     and Transfer Applicants

International Admission
Readmission of Former Students
High School Parallel Enrollment Program
Graduate Admission
Law School Admission
Residency Regulations

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3. Registration, Fees, and Deposits

     Academic Advising
     Registration Periods
     Paying Fees as a Part of Registration
     Late Registration
     Texas Success Initiative
     Concurrent Enrollment at the University
     and Another Collegiate Institution

     Continuous Registration of Graduate Students
     Leave of Absence
     In Absentia Registration
     Transfer from One Division to Another within the University
     Auditing a Course
Fees and Deposits
     Financial Responsibility
     Returned Checks
     Payment Plans
     Admission Application Processing Fees
     Flat Rate Tuition for Undergraduates
     Table 1: Flat Rate Tuition for Undergraduates,
     Fall 2006 and Spring 2007

     Tuition for Graduate and Professional Students
     Table 2: Tuition and Required Fees,
     Fall 2006 and Spring 2007

     Nonresident Tuition for Resident Students
     Required Fees
     Special Registration Fees
     Course Related Fees
     Program and Service Related Fees
     Fee Exemptions
     Fee Waivers
     Third-Party Billing
     Fee Adjustments
     Short-Term Loans
     Payment of Fees for Students with Disabilities
     Optional Fees
     Student Insurance
     Identification Cards
     Fees for Nonstudents

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4. Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising
Credit Value and Course Numbers
Classification of Students
The Texas Success Initiative
Quantity of Work Rule
     Repetition of a Course
Computation of the Grade Point Average
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Correspondence Work by Resident Students
Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment--
Instructional Assessment and Evaluation

     Course Placement and Credit by Examination
Adding and Dropping Courses
     Adding Courses
     Dropping Courses: Rules for Undergraduate Students
     Dropping Courses: Rules for Graduate Students
Changing Registration to or from the
Pass/Fail Basis or the Credit/No Credit Basis

Availability of Classwork to Students
Scholastic Probation and Dismissal
     Undergraduate Students
     Graduate Students
     Honor Societies for Freshmen
     Phi Beta Kappa
     Phi Kappa Phi
     Mortar Board
     British Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships
     Junior Fellows Program
     College Scholars
     University Honors
     Graduation with University Honors
Teacher Certification
Placement Services
Personal Record Information
Summons to Administrative Offices
Official Communications with the University

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5. Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of the Dean of Students
Recreational Sports
Division of Housing and Food Service
Student Financial Services
     Types of Financial Aid
     Special Services for Financial Aid Recipients
     Other Services Not Based on Financial Need
     Requirements for Student Borrowers
     Tuition Refunds and Repayment of Financial Aid
University Health Services
Counseling and Mental Health Center
Career Exploration Center
UT Learning Center
The Texas Union
International Office
     International Student and Scholar Services
     English as a Second Language Services
     Study Abroad
     Transfer Credit Policies for Coursework
     from International Institutions

Student Government
Senate of College Councils
Graduate Student Assembly
Student Publications
Legal Services for Students
Office of the Ombudsperson
Student Grievance Procedures
Religious Organizations
Shuttle Bus Service
Student Parking
The Texas Exes

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6. Libraries and Other Academic Resources

The University Libraries
     The University of Texas Libraries
     Center for American History
     Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
     Joseph D. Jamail Center for Legal Research: Tarlton Law Library
Other Libraries in Austin
The University of Texas McDonald Observatory at Mount Locke
Texas Natural Science Center
University of Texas Press
KUT Radio
Computing Resources
     Information Technology Services
     Other Providers of Information Technology Resources
Marine Science Institute
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

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Appendix B Official Extracurricular Student Activities

Appendix C Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities
      1. Student Orientation
      2. The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar
      3. Student Financial Services
      4. University Health Services
      5. University-Owned Residences
      6. Student Organizations
      7. The Division of Recreational Sports
      8. The Texas Union
      9. Educational Records
      10. Use of University Property, Rooms, and Spaces
      11. Student Discipline and Conduct
      12. Counseling and Mental Health Center
      13. Speech, Expression, and Assembly
      14. Career Exploration Center
      15. UT Learning Center

Appendix D Policy on Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Appendix E Policy on Sexual Misconduct

Appendix F Prohibition of Hazing

Appendix G Policy on AIDS and HIV Infection

Appendix H Prohibition of Sexual Assault

Appendix I Nondiscrimination Policy

Appendix J Prohibition of Campus Violence

Appendix K Student Travel Policy for University-Organized or Sponsored Events

Appendix L Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

Appendix M Use of E-mail for Official Correspondence to Students

Statistical Summaries
The degrees offered by the University, with the numer of each degree conferred in 2003-2004 and since 1884; enrollment totals in 2003-2004 and since 1883.

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