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Appendix C

Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

There are in this printing of the Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities (known as the Institutional Rules) a number of footnotes that cite portions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System. These footnotes are included because (1) all of the Regents' Rules and Regulations have full force and effect as concerns the University of Texas at Austin; (2) certain aspects of student services and activities are treated only in the Regents' Rules and Regulations; and (3) certain portions of the Institutional Rules have since their enactment been superseded or amended by the Regents' Rules and Regulations.

The Regents' Rules and Regulations are published online by the board.

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Chapter 1. Student Orientation

Subchapter 1-100.     General Provisions

Sec. 1-101.     Purpose and Application

  1. Student orientation programs are designed to aid new undergraduate students in adjusting to the academic and social life of the University.
  2. The primary purpose of a University orientation program is to help new undergraduates understand the nature of the University, the educational opportunities available to them, the values and functions of the University community, and the central objective of the University as an academic enterprise. It also permits students to participate in the testing program; to participate in academic advising; and to learn about matters relating to student registration, housing, campus activities, and other aspects of University life.

Sec. 1-102.     Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "coordinator" means coordinator of orientation;
  2. "dean" means the dean of students or the dean's delegate or representative;
  3. "student" means a person enrolled in residence at the University or a person accepted for admission or readmission to the University while that person is on the campus; and
  4. "University" means the University of Texas at Austin.
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Subchapter 1-200.     Administration of Orientation

Sec. 1-201.     Duties of Coordinator

The coordinator shall plan and direct all University orientation programs. In carrying out his or her responsibilities, the coordinator is administratively responsible to and shall report periodically to the dean.

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Subchapter 1-300.     Student Conduct

Sec. 1-301.     Rules and Regulations Applicable to Student Conduct

Prospective students attending an orientation program are subject to the rules and regulations governing student discipline and conduct set out in chapter 11 of Institutional Rules.

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