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Chapter 15. UT Learning Center

Subchapter 15-100.     General Provisions

Sec. 15-101.     Purpose

The UT Learning Center's purpose is to provide academic support services to all University students and to empower them in their pursuit of lifetime learning.

Sec. 15-102.     Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "director" means the director of the UT Learning Center;
  2. "services" means UT Learning Center services;
  3. "University" means the University of Texas at Austin;
  4. "student" means a person enrolled at the University or a person accepted for admission or readmission to the University while that person is on the campus and eligible for services.
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Subchapter 15-200.     Administration

Sec. 15-201.     Duties of the Director

  1. The director shall
    1. maintain and administer the programs of the services so that they meet the academic needs of the student body;
    2. appoint coordinators for various phases of planning, controlling, administration, and development; and
    3. designate specific staff members who will perform assigned duties in the absence of the director.
  2. The director is in charge of the UT Learning Center, is administratively responsible to, and shall report regularly to the associate vice president for student affairs for healthcare and educational services.

Subchapter 15-300.     Services Provided

Sec. 15-301.     Services Provided to Students

The services provide general and specific functions that include

  1. one-on-one tutoring sessions for many entry-level, lower-division courses;
  2. group tutorials offered for entry-level mathematics, physics, and general chemistry;
  3. one-on-one consultations for graduate-level writing projects;
  4. programs, presentations, and exhibits on topics related to effective learning strategies;
  5. regularly scheduled discussion sections led by trained undergraduate and/or graduate students;
  6. course-specific learning communities called teaching teams;
  7. peer mentoring;
  8. free noncredit classes and workshops;
  9. academic counseling.

Sec. 15-302.     Services Provided to the University

The services provide consultation to faculty members, academic departments, University residence personnel, and administrators on issues related to learning and student academic success.

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Subchapter 15-400.     UT Learning Center Records

Sec. 15-401.     Confidentiality of Records

  1. Confidentiality of the records of the UT Learning Center is governed by the laws of the State of Texas and applicable federal law.
  2. With certain exceptions, a student is entitled to review or have access to the content of his or her confidential records.
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General Information | 2006-2007 page 15 of 16 in Appendix C
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