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 Appendix C
 Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

Chapter 8.  The Texas Union

Subchapter 8-100.  General Provisions

Sec. 8-101.  Purpose

The union provides beneficial cocurricular activities for students, faculty, and staff members.

Sec. 8-102.  Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "board" means the Board of Directors of the Texas Union;
  2. "chancellor" means the Office of the Chancellor of The University of Texas System;
  3. "director" means the director of the Texas Union;
  4. "president" means the chief administrative officer of the University of Texas at Austin;
  5. "student" means a person enrolled in residence at the university;
  6. "union" means the Texas Union;
  7. "council" means the Texas Union Council;
  8. "university" means the University of Texas at Austin; and
  9. "vice president" means the Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Subchapter 8-200.  The Board of Directors of the Texas Union

Sec. 8-201.  Membership

  1. The board has nine voting members. The members are
    1. three members of the faculty, appointed by the president for three-year overlapping terms, one to be appointed each year, effective May 1; and
    2. six students, including the Student Government president or the president's delegate, and five others as follows:
      1. two students registered for at least six semester hours during each long-session semester of service, to be selected by the president of the Student Government after announcement of the position opening in the Daily Texan and other appropriate media; appointments shall be ratified by a majority vote of the Student Assembly and shall become effective May 1 for two-year overlapping terms; and
      2. one student with one year minimum prior union experience, to be selected jointly by the Student Government president and the Texas Union Council Coordinator for a one-year term; the incoming Union Council Coordinator is not eligible to be selected; and
      3. two students registered for at least six semester hours during each long-session semester of service to be elected for one-year terms by the student body during Student Government elections each year.
  2. The vice president, or the vice president's delegate, the Union Council coordinator, and the director are members of the board without vote.

Sec. 8-202.  Officers

The officers of the board are the chairperson, the vice chairperson, and the director. The chairperson shall be elected each year from the student membership of the board by the voting members of the board to serve a term to extend from the first official board meeting of the fall semester until May 15 the following year or until a new chairperson is elected. To qualify for election as chairperson, a student shall have at least one year's experience on either the union program council, operations council, or the board. This qualification may be waived by a two-thirds vote. Both outgoing and new board members shall be eligible to vote for chairperson. The vice chairperson of the board shall be a student member, chosen each semester by the elected chairperson. The Student Government president cannot serve as chairperson of the Board of Directors. The officers of the board shall perform the usual duties of their respective offices.

Sec. 8-203.  Meetings

The board shall meet once a month during each long session, setting its own date for meetings, formulating its own rules of procedure, and setting up and appointing such committees as it may deem necessary and desirable for the proper use of the facilities of the union consistent with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents.

Sec. 8-204.  Executive Committee

  1. The board may authorize three of its voting members to serve between meetings as an executive committee.
  2. An executive committee may act for the board only during the period beginning May 15 of each year and ending the first day of registration for the fall semester or during official university semester breaks or holiday periods. All actions taken by the executive committee are subject to ratification by the board.

Sec. 8-205.  Duties

The board shall

  1. recommend rules, regulations, and procedures regarding the operation and use of the union;
  2. review the union budget;
  3. advise the president, through the vice president, on the selection of the union director;
  4. be involved in the future development of the union.

Subchapter 8-300.  Review of Board Action

Sec. 8-301.  Review by the President

  1. The board shall deliver promptly to the president at least two copies of the minutes of each board or executive committee meeting.
  2. No recommendation of the board or executive committee shall have any force or effect until said recommendation has been approved by the president and has received such other approval as required.
  3. Every action of the board or of a committee or subcommittee of the board is subject to review by the president. The president may approve, reverse, or modify each such action.
  4. Not later than ninety days after the close of each union fiscal year, the director shall furnish to the president at least two copies of a complete report of the fiscal affairs of the union during the preceding year to be distributed as the president may direct.
  5. No budget or budget amendment adopted by the board is effective until it is approved by the president through normal budget procedure.
  6. No expenditure shall be made by the board unless it is made pursuant to a budget item that has been adopted by the board and has received final approval from the president.

Subchapter 8-400.  The Director of the Texas Union

Sec. 8-401.  Duties of Director

  1. The director is administratively responsible to and shall report periodically to the vice president, serves as the chief executive official in the union, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the union building and its programs and activities. The director shall
    1. coordinate all functions involving union facilities and the interests of the various groups served by the facilities;
    2. consult with the board regarding the employment of appropriate staff members;
    3. employ, supervise, and direct the work of all subordinate employees; and
    4. be a member of all committees without vote.
  2. Annually, on or before November 15, the director shall submit to the board a complete report of union activities for the year. Copies of the report shall be distributed to the president and to others as the president may direct.

Subchapter 8-500.  The Texas Union Council

Sec. 8-501.  Membership and Officers

  1. The council is composed of the chairpersons of the various union committees and any other members the board considers appropriate.
  2. The council has a coordinator, and any other appropriate officers that the council may determine, elected from its membership for one-year terms.

Sec. 8-502.  Duties

The council is the decision making, coordinating, evaluating, and recommending body of the union program. The council shall

  1. coordinate the union program;
  2. evaluate the union program, and make the necessary changes in its components;
  3. distribute to various union committees the funds appropriated to the union council;
  4. recommend to the board, or to any other appropriate agencies, actions, policies, and procedures affecting the union program; and
  5. elect its officer(s) from among its membership.

Sec. 8-503.  Review of Council Actions by the Board

All actions of the council, other than the election of officers, are subject to review by the board.

Subchapter 8-600.  Union Facilities

Sec. 8-601.  Reservation and Use of Union Facilities

  1. Union facilities are reserved primarily for use by students, faculty, and staff members. Union activities financed in whole or in part by the union fee are limited to activities in which all students are eligible to participate.
  2. In accordance with recommendations developed by the board, the director or the director's representative may permit special persons, groups, or organizations to reserve and use portions of the union building when the intended use does not interfere with regular union programs or activities. The director may charge a reasonable rental fee for the use of union property or facilities by such persons, groups, or organizations. The director shall permit persons, groups, or organizations officially designated as guests of the university by the president, the chancellor, or the Board of Regents to use union facilities without cost. All requests for the use of union facilities are subject to prior reservations; for that reason, requests should be made as early as possible.

Sec. 8-602.  Policy Against Discrimination

No person or organization shall be excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of union facilities, services, and programs on any basis prohibited by applicable law, including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.

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