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 Appendix D
  Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Students

It is the policy of the University of Texas at Austin to maintain an educational environment free from sexual harassment and intimidation. Sexual harassment is expressly prohibited and offenders are subject to disciplinary action.

"Sexual harassment" is defined as either unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, by a faculty member or other employee of the university, when

  1. submission by a student to such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a condition for academic opportunity or advancement;
  2. submission to or rejection of such conduct by a student is used as the basis for academic decisions affecting that student; or
  3. the intended effect or reasonably foreseeable effect of such conduct is to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for the student.

The Office of the Dean of Students has been given the primary responsibility for responding to questions about and receiving complaints of sexual harassment of students. Students who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment may consult with the associate dean of students. However, they also may address their questions or complaints to the department chairperson or other University administrative personnel. In such cases the chairperson or the administrator should immediately contact the associate dean of students for consultation.

Investigation of a specific complaint of sexual harassment will be initiated upon submission of a written and signed statement by the student to the associate dean of students, department chairperson, or dean. Investigation and resolution of such complaints will be through the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent permitted under the law, and the rights of the individuals involved will be protected. Disagreement with the resolution of the complaint will be handled according to the usual procedures for grievances.

In addition to complying with the above policy dealing with sexual harassment, students and faculty members should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and should avoid compromising situations involving any romantic or sexual relationship between a faculty member and a student who is enrolled in a course taught by the faculty member or who is otherwise under the supervision of the faculty member.

This policy is not intended, in any way, to discourage the interaction of faculty and students where harassment or a conflict of interest is not a factor; however, the policy is intended to clarify that it is inappropriate for a faculty member to form romantic or sexual relationships with students working under the faculty member's direct supervision.

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