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 Chapter 3
 Registration, Fees, and Deposits

Special Registration Fees

In absentia fee. The fee for in absentia registration is $25.00.

Affiliated studies registration fee. The fee of $60.00 a semester is to defray the costs associated with registration, record keeping, and certification for students participating in sanctioned study abroad programs.

Fees for joint or cooperative programs on The University of Texas System campuses. The University of Texas at Austin has agreements with several other University of Texas System institutions that allow student groups to enroll for courses at these institutions (e.g., the Clinical Pharmacy Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio). Tuition and required fees for full-time students are normally paid at the degree-granting campus and allocated by that unit to the other institution involved. Graduate students enrolled at the University may apply for admission to another University of Texas System institution through the appropriate dean's office at that institution. Evidence of support from the University should include the approval of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies. Programs are available only where formal agreements exist between institutions.

Fees for students registering concurrently at two Texas public institutions of higher education. V.T.C.A., Texas Education Code 54.062 provides for the following tuition procedure:

  1. The student must register first at the institution with the lower minimum tuition and pay the full tuition charge.

  2. Normally, only the hourly rate is paid at the second institution. However, if the minimum amount is less at the first institution, the student must pay the difference in the two minimums to the second institution, but not less than the hourly rate.

Other required and optional fees are billed by each institution at its regularly authorized rates.

A student who registers first at the University (if the University is the institution with the lowest tuition rate) and then at a second public institution must complete a request for concurrent enrollment form. The form is available in the Office of the Registrar, Main Building 1.

Late registration charge. A student who registers late is assessed a charge to defray the cost of the extra services required to effect the late registration. (Late registration periods are identified in the Course Schedule.) The late registration charge is $25.00 through the fourth class day of a semester, $50.00 from the fifth through the twelfth class day of a semester, and $200.00 after the twelfth class day. In the summer session, the late registration fee is $25.00 through the second class day, $50.00 from the third through the fourth class day, and $200.00 after the fourth class day.

Course Related Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses are assessed fees as described below. The fees associated with a course, if any, are totaled and the amount printed in the Course Schedule, published each semester.

Field trip fees. Students registered in courses offering a field trip are assessed a fee to defray transportation and related costs of the field trip.

Incidental fees. Fees reflecting the actual cost of materials or services provided in conjunction with certain courses are assessed students enrolled in those courses; there is no maximum amount.

Laboratory fees. For each laboratory course, a fee is charged to cover the cost of laboratory materials and supplies used by the student. The fee may not be less than $2.00 or more than $30.00 for each course in a semester or summer term.

Supplementary fees. Additional fees may be required for certain courses in art, architecture, drama, speech, and music where individual coaching is the usual method of instruction.

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