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 Chapter 4
 Academic Policies and Procedures

Quantity of Work Rule

Maximum hours in the fall and spring semesters. An undergraduate student may not register for more than seventeen semester hours in any long-session semester without the approval of his or her dean unless the degree plan printed in The Undergraduate Catalog for the student's major specifies otherwise. In the School of Law a student may carry as many as sixteen semester hours each semester.

Maximum hours in the summer session. Except as permitted by his or her academic dean, no undergraduate student may register for more than fourteen semester hours in a twelve-week summer session (exclusive of credit by examination), not to exceed eight semester hours earned during either the first six-week term or the second six-week term. A student whose maximum period of summer registration is nine weeks may not register for more than ten semester hours except as permitted by his or her academic dean.

Minimum hours in the fall and spring semesters. An undergraduate student may not carry fewer than twelve semester hours of credit without the approval of his or her academic dean. An undergraduate engineering student may not enroll in fewer than fourteen semester hours of coursework except with the written approval of the dean. Twelve of the fourteen hours must be applicable to the degree.

Failure to obtain approval may jeopardize the student's continuance in school. A student who is a minor must present a written statement from a parent or guardian accepting the conditions under which permission to carry a reduced course load is granted.

Graduate students are not subject to minimum course load requirements unless they serve as assistant instructors, teaching assistants, assistants (graduate), or graduate research assistants. International students must have written permission from the International Office as well as their dean to carry fewer than twelve hours if undergraduate students or nine hours if graduate students.

Minimum hours in the summer session. There is no minimum course load in the summer session.

Assistant instructors, teaching assistants, assistants (graduate), and graduate research assistants. To be employed as an assistant instructor, teaching assistant, assistant (graduate), or graduate research assistant, a student must be admitted unconditionally to the Graduate School, be in good academic standing, and be making satisfactory progress toward a degree. Students employed in teaching or research positions must be registered for at least nine semester hours each semester. Summer registration depends on the type and amount of employment.

In the fall or spring semester, the total of a graduate student's work appointments as a teaching assistant, assistant instructor, graduate research assistant, or assistant (graduate) may not exceed twenty hours a week during the first year and thirty hours a week in subsequent years. International students may not exceed twenty hours a week without the approval of the International Office and the graduate dean.

Assistant instructors, teaching assistants, assistants (graduate), and graduate research assistants may not accept payment from a student for tutoring services except on the recommendation of the department chairman and with the approval of the dean. If approved, the graduate assistant may tutor only in a course with which he or she has no connection.

Other student employees. An undergraduate student's combined University employment and semester-hour course load may not exceed forty hours a week in any semester or summer term. Any academic unit may require a lower work-study load of their students who are employed by the University than that described above. Any student who wishes to exceed the maximum work-study load set by his or her college must have the approval of the dean of the college.

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