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 Appendix C
 Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities

Chapter 3.  Student Financial Services

Subchapter 3-100.  General Provisions

Sec. 3-101.  Purpose

  1. As a state institution of higher education, the university endeavors to provide higher education for all eligible persons and to assist in the pursuit of their studies those who do not have sufficient financial resources.
  2. The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for administering certain funds for financial aid to students; for keeping abreast of programs relating to financial aid to higher education and to employment opportunities for students; for disseminating information relating to available financial aid programs and the cost of attending the university to enrolled students and prospective students; and for assisting students who have been accepted for enrollment at the university or who are enrolled at the university in obtaining loans, grants, scholarships, and employment to supplement payment of their educational expenses.

Sec. 3-102.  Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning,

  1. "director" means the director of student financial services or the director's delegate; and
  2. "university" means the University of Texas at Austin.

Subchapter 3-200.  The Director of Student Financial Services

Sec. 3-201.  Administration of Financial Aid

  1. The director shall administer institutional, state, and federal programs for scholarships, loans, grants, and other specified financial aid in accordance with the legal provisions and limitations, if any, of particular funds, or in accordance with policies recommended by the Committee on Financial Aid to Students.
  2. The director is in charge of the Office of Student Financial Services and is administratively responsible to and shall report regularly to the vice president for student affairs.

Sec. 3-202.  Duties of Staff

Staff members shall conduct interviews with and process applications for students who need assistance in financing their educational expenses.

Subchapter 3-300.  The Committee on Financial Aid to Students

Sec. 3-301.  Membership

  1. The Committee on Financial Aid to Students has twelve members and at least three ex officio administrative advisers. The members are
    1. five members from the General Faculty, representing five colleges or schools of the university, appointed by the president for two-year staggered terms;
    2. five students (four undergraduate and one graduate), including at least two who are receiving, or have received, financial aid from the Office of Student Financial Services; four of the students will be appointed by the president from a panel submitted by Student Government; the fifth student shall be appointed by the president from a panel submitted by the chair of the Graduate Student Assembly; student members shall be appointed for two-year staggered terms; and
    3. two members from the Faculty Council, appointed by the chair of the Faculty Council for one-year terms.
  2. The director, a representative of the dean of students, and a representative from the Office of Graduate Studies shall serve as administrative advisers without vote. The president may appoint additional nonvoting ex officio administrative advisers from the general administration areas of the university.
  3. A Subcommittee for Appeals shall be designated from the full committee. The subcommittee will be composed of the five members from the General Faculty as voting members and the administrative advisers without vote.

Sec. 3-302.  Duties of Committee

  1. The full committee shall initiate and review policies and procedures for the Office of Student Financial Services.
  2. The Subcommittee for Appeals shall hear appeals from decisions regarding awards or policies of the Office of Student Financial Services and make recommendations to the vice president for student affairs.

Subchapter 3-400.  Denial of Loans and Revocation of Scholarships

Sec. 3-401.  Procedure for Denial or Revocation

  1. If a recipient of or an applicant for a loan, grant, scholarship, or Federal College Work-Study job administered by the Office of Student Financial Services is not entitled to financial aid under subsection (b), the recipient or applicant will be notified of the denial or revocation of aid and the reason(s) therefor in writing.
  2. Reasons for the denial or revocation of financial aid include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. failure to maintain a satisfactory academic record; or
    2. failure to enroll for or to maintain the minimum academic course load requirement; or
    3. failure to show continuing need because of a change in financial status; or
    4. failure to meet requirements established by the financial aid agreement and the Committee on Financial Aid to Students; or
    5. failure to provide required financial documents; or
    6. background indication that the applicant might constitute an unnecessary credit risk in the matter of loans; or
    7. evidence of fraud, or intent to defraud.

Sec. 3-402.  Appeal

A person whose aid has been denied or revoked under subsection 3-401(b) may appeal the decision to the Committee on Financial Aid to Students. Decisions of the committee may be reviewed by the vice president for student affairs.

Subchapter 3-500.  Disciplinary Offenses

Sec. 3-501.  Procedures for Initiating Disciplinary Action

When there is evidence of fraud, or intent to defraud, or indications of other disciplinary offenses in regard to a student application for or receipt of aid, the Office of Student Financial Services will refer the student to the dean of students for disciplinary action.

Sec. 3-502.  Disciplinary Review

Disciplinary review for student aid disciplinary offenses will be handled by the Office of the Dean of Students and governed by subchapter 11-200, "Administration of Discipline."

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