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 Chapter 5
 Student Affairs

Regulations Concerning the Registration of Motor Vehicles

Students who drive or park a vehicle on campus must purchase a permit from Parking and Transportation Services. To park within the campus boundaries, a proper permit must be displayed as required. Purchase of a permit does not assure a parking space.

Class C parking permits are available to any student enrolled in the University. Class M parking permits are issued for motorcycles, motor-assisted bicycles, and motor scooters. These vehicles may be parked only in areas designated for their use. Class R permits are available to residents of University-owned housing located on the main campus. Class G parking permits are available to graduate students at the University who also are employed by the University at least twenty hours a week. A signed copy of the appointment or reappointment form is required to obtain a permit.

Class C, M, and G permits purchased in the fall semester are valid through August 31 of the following year. Class R permits are valid through May 31 of the following year, with a permit for the summer session available for an additional fee. The fees are $78 for a class C permit, $40 for a class M permit, and $90 for a class G permit. The fee for an R permit for the fall and spring semesters is $340. Permits purchased after September 30 are prorated at a monthly rate of $7 for a class C permit, $4 for a class M, and $8 for a class G, and are valid through the end of the summer session. A class R permit is prorated after September 30 at a monthly rate of $38. Replacement permits are available for a nominal fee. Parking garage contracts are available to commuter students for $205 a semester and $90 for the summer session, or $465 for twelve months; contracts for student residents of Jester Center are $295 a semester or $540 for nine months. Permit refunds are offered during the add-drop period for the semester that the permit was purchased.

Individuals whose vehicles display a valid University disabled permit, plus the state-issued license plate or placard for the disabled, may park in any space designated for the disabled and are exempt from parking meter fees and time limits. University disabled permits are available at no charge at the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Services Building, 100 West Dean Keeton Street, fourth floor. Applicants must show their state disabled permit or disabled license plate registration, plus a copy of their Texas Department of Transportation disabled permit application signed by a physician. Temporary disabled permits may be obtained from Parking and Transportation Services. A person whose vehicle displays the disabled veteran license plate is not entitled to use a parking space designated for the disabled unless the vehicle also displays the state-issued placard.

A printed copy of University parking and traffic regulations is available on request from the Parking and Transportation Services Office located in the Service Building, Room 1, (512) 471-PARK and at the Web site http://www.utexas.edu/business/parking. A list of charges for violation of the regulations follows.

Violation Amount
Possession or use of a lost, stolen, or forged permit (impound violation) $150.00
plus the
value of
the permit
Parking in a disabled space without displaying the proper permit (impound violation) $100.00
Mutilating, defacing, or altering a current permit (impound violation) $50.00
Parking in a carpool space, an "O" permit space, or a "Reserved at All Times" space without displaying the proper permit (impound violation) $50.00
Parking a motor vehicle on any curb or sidewalk or in any manner that creates an obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic (impound violation) $50.00
Parking in a no parking zone or fire zone (impound violation) $50.00
Exceeding the posted speed limit $25.00
Failure to obey a STOP or YIELD sign or other traffic control device $25.00
Failure to stop or heed instructions given by a University police officer or University guard $25.00
Moving a barricade or parking within a barricaded area, or moving a vehicle without permission of the owner or operator (impound violation) $25.00
Moving violation of the Texas motor vehicle laws not otherwise listed here $25.00
Parking or operating a bicycle in violation of regulations (impound violation) $25.00
Parking or operating a motor vehicle on University property while privileges are suspended (impound violation) $25.00
Parking in a designated parking area without displaying the proper permit (impound violation) $20.00
Parking improperly, including but not limited to:

   Parking opposite the flow of traffic where angle parking is required

   Parking with the left wheel (front or back) to the curb on a two-way street where parallel parking is required

   Vehicle not placed wholly within the boundaries of the parking space (other improperly parked vehicles do not constitute an excuse for improper parking)

   Parking a motor vehicle on unmarked or unimproved ground not designated for parking

Having a vehicle of any type in a University building $15.00
Improperly displayed or affixed permit $15.00
Parking overtime in a space limited in time by meters or signs, or parking overtime in a loading zone $15.00
Roller skating or skateboarding on the campus $15.00
Violation of a posted sign not otherwise listed $15.00
Other violation of the Texas motor vehicle laws, including but not limited to:

   Expired registration

   Expired motor vehicle inspection sticker


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