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 Chapter 6
 Libraries and Other Academic Resources

Library Services and Policies

Inter-Library Service (ILS). Inter-Library Service obtains materials not owned by the General Libraries for University of Texas at Austin students and faculty and staff members. Users may submit interlibrary loan requests to ILS in PCL 1.343 or initiate requests through UT Library Online at http://www.lib.utexas.edu.

Library hours. Library hours for all units are posted in each unit and on UT Library Online. Most circulation desks close fifteen minutes before the library closes. Library hours may vary from the normal schedule during holidays, spring break, and the period between semesters.

Lending rules. To assure the availability of its resources, units of the General Libraries lend materials for a specific period and charge fines for items not returned when they are due. Every borrower must present a valid University of Texas student, faculty, or staff identification card, or a special, courtesy, or proxy borrower card. Borrowers are responsible for maintaining a correct record of their social security number and mailing address with the University, and for obtaining a corrected borrower card in case of error or changed data.

Material is due on the date/time indicated on the date-due slip, or as stated or shown at the time of checkout or renewal. Borrowers are responsible for material checked out to them until it is returned to an appropriate location. Restrictions are posted at individual book returns. Return receipts are issued on request. The General Libraries is not responsible for notifying borrowers that materials are overdue.

Loan periods. All materials are available for library use, and most are available for home use. Some items are restricted to short-term loan periods from two hours to seven days. General collection loan periods include fourteen days, twenty-eight days, and one semester. Items that have been checked out for a loan period of at least fourteen days and are not in demand may be renewed at most library circulation desks, or online through UTCAT and UTNetCAT.

A borrower may place a recall request online through UTCAT or UTNetCAT, or may request that the library recall an item that has been checked out to another borrower for at least fourteen days. Recall requests may be made at any time, but recalled items are not due during intersessions, official University holidays, or spring vacation. Recalled items are due on the date specified on the notice, or immediately if required for reserve use. Failure to return a recalled item may result in suspension of borrowing privileges. When a recalled item is returned, the requester is notified and the item is held for seven days.

Schedule of fines. Borrowers are subject to the following fines for failing to return library materials on or before the date due:

Two-hour or overnight items
$1 an hour or fraction of an hour for each item;
$24 an item, maximum.

Two-hour or overnight items (on reserve)
$3 an hour or fraction of an hour for each item;
$36 an item, maximum.

Three-day and library-use items
$4 a day or fraction of a day for each item;
$24 an item, maximum.

Three-day and library-use items (on reserve)
$6 a day or fraction of a day for each item;
$24 an item, maximum.

Seven-day items
$1 a day or fraction of a day for each item;
$24 an item, maximum.

Fourteen-day and twenty-eight-day items
Fifty cents a day or fraction of a day for each item;
$24 an item, maximum.

Recalled items
$6 a day or fraction of a day beginning the day after the recall due date;
$36 an item, maximum, even if the item is overdue when recalled.

Fines are assessed for each day the library is open.

Charges for loss and damage. Borrowers will be charged for lost and damaged items as follows:

Lost items
Cost of replacement.

Processing fee
Borrowers are subject to a $20 fee any time an item is reported lost or is presumed by the library to be lost. An item is presumed lost when the maximum fine has accumulated or if the item is not returned or renewed within twenty-one days after the first class day of the following semester.

The amount accumulated through the time the item was reported lost or presumed lost.

Rebinding or repair charge
$20. If the item is not repairable, the cost of replacement is assessed.

Library cards for non-University borrowers. The University's libraries are open to the public for library use of materials. Adult Texas residents who are not members of the University community may borrow materials for home use by purchasing a Courtesy Borrower Card at the Perry-Castañeda Library Courtesy Borrower Services Desk. A photo ID or two other identification cards are required at the time of purchase. Outstanding library charges must be paid before a courtesy card will be issued. The fee is waived for current members of the Ex-Students' Association and for faculty members, staff, and students of many institutions of higher education. Cards are valid for the period of enrollment, membership, or appointment, not to exceed one year. A card may be renewed on the same basis as originally issued or according to other requirements as noted.

Courtesy borrowers are assessed fines and fees for late, lost, and damaged materials at the same rate as students. Unpaid charges may result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

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