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 Libraries and Other Academic Resources

The University of Texas Press

The University of Texas Press publishes about ninety new books and twelve journals annually. The Press specializes in a number of areas, including regional books about Texas and the Southwest, natural history, Latin American studies, Chicano studies, archaeology and anthropology, film studies, and classics. The Press distributes publications for several art museums and other cultural-educational organizations. Books have been published under the University of Texas imprint since 1922, though the press was not established as a publishing organization until 1950. The imprint is controlled by a faculty advisory committee appointed by the president.

KUT Radio

KUT Radio, established in 1958, is a 100,000-watt National Public Radio affiliate licensed to the University. Its mission is to produce and broadcast public radio programming that enhances the quality of life throughout its coverage area, informs listeners about significant issues confronting society, entertains listeners with new insights into life experiences and relationships, serves the community through outreach programs and activities and support for community projects, and reflects credit on the University by exhibiting excellence in the performance of its activities.

Services include meeting the audio production requirements of KUT Radio and its subsidiary, the Longhorn Radio Network, and providing a public radio service to Central and West Texas through KUT 90.5 FM in Austin and a satellite station, KUTX 90.1 FM, in San Angelo. The flagship station, KUT 90.5 FM, is a charter member of National Public Radio and is certified by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as a full-service station.

KUT Radio distributes both locally and nationally produced programming from its campus location. Radio facilities include three production studios and four control rooms, a broadcast control room/library complex, and a satellite operations center. Programs produced by KUT Radio have received numerous awards and are broadcast regularly by National Public Radio.

Academic Computing and Instructional Technology
Services (ACITS)

Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services supports the University's academic and research programs by providing an information-technology-based environment, technological capabilities, and staff to assist students, faculty and staff members, academic departments, and research centers with their learning, teaching, research, and outreach activities. ACITS maintains a web site at http://www.utexas.edu/cc.

ACITS provides information services; access to desktop computing, general-purpose timesharing systems, and high-performance computing systems; technical support, training and consulting services, facilities management, information on standards and practices, and software tools; and a state-of-the-art, reliable, secure, and ubiquitous telecommunications infrastructure with related services for data, voice, and video systems.

Information Services and Products

ACITS maintains servers for the World Wide Web, USENET News, electronic mail, and mailing lists. The staff also manages the annual production of UTCD, a CD-ROM multimedia tour of the campus and its resources.

World Wide Web. The infrastructure for UT Austin Web Central was established in 1993 and averages half a million requests a day.

USENET News. The USENET News server, newshost.cc.utexas.edu, hosts over ten thousand newsgroups that carry postings on thousands of topics, many specific to Texas, Austin, and the University.

University Mailbox Service. Any member of the University community with a current University identification card may obtain a free electronic mail address on the University Mailbox Service server, mail.utexas.edu.

Electronic mailing lists. The electronic mailing list server, mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu, supports fifteen hundred forums for teaching, collaboration, and entertainment throughout the University community.

UTCD. Staff members in the Center for Instructional Technologies manage the development of UTCD, a Web-enhanced CD-ROM that is sent each spring to all undergraduates admitted to the University for the following fall semester.

Computing Services

ACITS provides access to desktop computing, general-purpose timesharing systems, and high-performance computing systems.

Student Microcomputer Facility. The Student Microcomputer Facility (SMF) is a two-hundred-seat facility with Macintosh and Dell computers, NCD X-terminals, scanners, laser printers, color printers, and software for text-processing, graphics, spreadsheet, and mathematical and statistical applications. All computers provide access to electronic mail and Internet resources.

Center for Instructional Technologies Multimedia Lab. The Multimedia Lab is a production and training facility for integrating digital-based technologies and instructional media into learning, teaching, and research.

Texas Advanced Computing Center. ACITS provides high-performance computing services at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), where parallel computer systems support large-scale science and engineering applications. TACC supercomputers are connected to the main campus and to the national very-high-performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS).

Visualization Lab. Academic Computing and Technology Services, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and the Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics support the Visualization Lab, which offers a high-performance interactive system for research projects with demanding visualization requirements.

UNIX, NT, and VMS computer systems. ACITS provides general-purpose computer systems running under UNIX, NT, or OpenVMS operating systems. These systems are used for Internet access, programming instruction, research computing, Web publishing, and other academic purposes.

Database servers. ACITS provides two relational database servers for the campus community -- Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Both database servers use SQL (Search and Query Language) to access data.

Printing Services. Printing servers allow for remote printing to more than one hundred sites on campus, in offices, and in residence halls.

Technical Support Services

ACITS provides technical support for the campus community, including consulting for all of its computer systems and software, training services, facilities management, and information on standards and practices.

Help Desk. Help Desk services are available by electronic mail, by telephone, or on a walk-in basis. Staff members provide assistance with most computing questions and arrange appointments when necessary either with systems consultants who specialize in UNIX, Windows NT, VMS, and desktop and networking systems or with applications consultants who specialize in statistical, mathematical, database management, information design, and thesis and dissertation applications.

Training Programs. Short courses on computer systems, e-mail, the Internet, and Web publishing and on statistical, database, spreadsheet, graphics, and text editing and formatting software are available through ACITS without charge. In conjunction with the Division of Continuing Education, ACITS staff members teach workshops on Windows, Macintosh, and Internet topics in the Microcomputer Teaching Facility. ACITS and the Center for Teaching Effectiveness sponsor faculty technology seminars consisting of presentations followed by hands-on sessions.

Departmental Services. The Departmental Services team provides computing support and management services for desktop computers and servers in computing facilities and departmental networks. They administer computer equipment purchasing programs and manage the Student Microcomputer Facility as well as some departmental labs. Departmental Services offers a broad range of extended support contracts directly to colleges, departments, and business units. Staff can set up and administer a local computer support center in any site on the UT campus. These centers can manage all aspects of information technology, including consulting, staff training, and server administration. ACITS also offers student laboratory management contracts, including agreements for hiring, training, and maintaining student labs. Staff are available for periodic technical support, server administration, software installations, virus checks, and other services.

Center for Instructional Technologies. The Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT) promotes the integration of digital-based technologies and instructional media into learning, teaching, and research. The center helps produce digital media such as CD-ROMs and supports technology development, distance education, and information and instructional design services and activities on campus.

Documentation Services. ACITS publishes documents online and in print to help students, faculty members, and staff members use campus computing and information services.

Software Distribution Services. Software Distribution Services provides software bundles at reduced prices to departments, faculty and staff members, and students. Eligibility to purchase software depends on the restrictions of each software license agreement. Software includes Oracle, SAS, SPSS, Mathematica, UT Connect, and others. Through a UT System agreement, Microsoft software is available, at greatly reduced prices, at the Campus Computer Store.

Computer Repair and CATV Services. ACITS provides hardware maintenance and repair services for University departments, as well as cable TV services for departments and other academic units.

Telecommunications Services and Connection Software

ACITS provides a state-of-the-art, reliable, and ubiquitous telecommunications infrastructure and related networking services for data, voice, and video systems.

Network Services. ACITS maintains communications networks for data communication among computers as well as for user access to the University's computers from microcomputers and workstations on and off campus. The UTnet system of networks, equipment, and software enables the transfer of information between campus computers and on to computer sites worldwide. UTnet and the Internet are accessible remotely through the high-speed dial-up system Telesys.

Network Connection Software. UT Connect provides popular Internet access and application software preconfigured for UT Austin. The package includes Web browsing software, an e-mail program, a newsreader, Telnet and file transfer software, printing and virus protection utilities, and terminal emulation software for use in residence halls, offices, and off-campus residences that require UT Connect's Internet dial-up connection software.

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