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The Ex-Students' Association, established in 1885, is one of the largest self-governed alumni organizations in the country. The association provides news and information about the University to its 68,000 members, raises money for scholarships and teaching awards, promotes University activities, and offers benefits to members interested in specific University programs.

In 1998, the association awarded $1.3 million in scholarships to more than 160 students. Many of the students are freshmen who receive scholarships from Texas Exes chapters across the United States. Each year, freshman scholars chosen from the top ranks of their high school classes bring the highest academic achievements and standards to the University.

News of the University reaches members of the association through Texas Alcalde, a bimonthly magazine. The Ex-Students' Association provides lifetime learning opportunities through Flying Longhorn tours to all parts of the world, annual Update seminars on campus, Cultural Seminars Abroad, use of the University libraries, and University of Texas Press book discounts. Group insurance programs, discounts on services and merchandise, and a membership directory are available to members. The association's Texas Exes Student Chapter provides career contacts and internships for students and helps build the leadership qualities and loyalty that are indispensable to the University. The association also provides Career Services for alumni, including job listings, a resume database, career workshops, individual consulting, and a network of alumni advisers.

A building expansion in 1990, made possible by gifts from alumni and friends of the University, tripled the size of the Alumni Center, which stands on San Jacinto Boulevard across from Memorial Stadium. Facilities include a banquet hall, offices, meeting rooms, and ample parking. The building is named for Lila B. Etter, whose bequest to the University financed almost half the cost of the original structure built in 1965. Etter was the daughter of the University's first president, Leslie Waggener.

The University of Texas depends on the time, talent, and dues of members to support and carry out many of its expanding programs. Membership in the Ex-Students' Association enables alumni to maintain a lifelong connection to the University. For additional information write to Executive Director, The Ex-Students' Association, P O Box 7278, Austin, Texas 78713-7278; call (512) 471-8839; or visit the association's Web site at http://www.TexasExes.org/.

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