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Engineering Management

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Master of Science in Engineering

The executive engineering management program is offered by the College of Engineering and administered by the Center for Lifelong Engineering Education. The program is intended to give students a dynamic, creative, and challenging opportunity to master the managerial leadership of technology-based and innovation-oriented organizations.


The core objective of the program is to provide graduate engineers who have chosen to pursue leadership and management career paths with the tools and the knowledge needed for success. A further objective is to incorporate an understanding of measurement (of technical processes, business processes, and human performance) into management and leadership processes in engineering environments. Additional objectives are to provide a program that is challenging, innovative, and intellectually inspiring; to broaden the student's perspective on the leadership and management issues that are relevant to industry practices within technology-based organizations; to help the student develop expertise in the management of innovation; and to allow the student to learn to identify and to balance the risks associated with technology development. Providing engineering professionals with these foundations and preparing them to continue lifelong learning while employed in industry, is the overall goal of the degree program.

Areas of Study

The interdisciplinary engineering management program is designed to provide engineers with managerial leadership abilities within their technology-based organizations. The faculty includes members of several departments of the College of Engineering and the McCombs School of Business. The current research of this faculty includes such topics as engineering economics; decision and risk analysis; economic management and marketing; management of people and organizations; and the legal issues that affect technology, such as patents, copyright, and intellectual property.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2000-2001.

Anthony P. Ambler
Neal E. Armstrong
Jonathan F. Bard
Martin L. Baughman
Benito Fernandez
Genaro J. Gutierrez
     Paul A. Jensen
Tessie J. Moon
David P. Morton
Elmira Popova
Kristin L. Wood

Admission Requirements

This two-year executive program provides graduate education for midlevel and senior professionals while they continue their careers. Classes meet all day one Friday and Saturday a month, with an orientation session at the beginning of the program. The program requires a serious commitment on the part of the student and the student's employer. The coursework is rigorous and demanding and can provide an excellent educational experience.

Prospective students typically have at least eighteen months to two years of professional experience.

Degree Requirements

The program requires thirty-six semester hours of graduate coursework, including the following core courses:

Engineering Management 380, Topic 1: Managing People and Organizations

Engineering Management 380, Topic 2: The Art and Science of Negotiations

Engineering Management 380, Topic 3: Advanced Marketing Management

Engineering Management 381, Topic 1: Legal Issues for Engineering Managers

Engineering Management 383, Topic 1: Management of Projects and Processes

Engineering Management 383, Topic 2: Strategic Decision and Risk Analysis

The student must also complete the project course, Engineering Management 397P; six semester hours in the seminar course, Engineering Management 397K; and the master's report, Engineering Management 398R.

The remaining six hours are chosen from the following optional courses:

Engineering Management 382, Topic 1: Managing Complexity with Optimal Decisions

Engineering Management 382, Topic 2: Decision Making under Uncertainty

Engineering Management 383, Topic 3: System Design Metrics

Engineering Management 384, Engineering Economics

For More Information

Campus address: Development Office Building (DEV) Suite 100, phone (512) 471-3506, fax (512) 471-0813; campus mail code: A2800

Mailing address: Executive Engineering Management Program, P. O. Box H, Austin, Texas 78713-8908



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