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Degrees Offered
Master of Arts
Master of Fine Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

Facilities for Graduate Work

The rare and unique materials in the Performing Arts Collection of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, along with the collections in the Fine Arts Library and other units of the University library system, constitute one of the most extensive research facilities in the country. The Department of Theatre and Dance also maintains a collection of historical clothing for research purposes. The theatrical production facilities of the Performing Arts Center, described here, are unsurpassed.

Areas of Study

Master of Arts. The Master of Arts is offered in two areas: theatre history/criticism and teacher training. In theatre history/criticism this degree is appropriate preparation for doctoral study. In teacher training, the Master of Arts is an appropriate terminal degree.

Master of Fine Arts. The Master of Fine Arts is offered in six areas: acting, drama and theatre for youth, directing, playwriting, theatre technology, and theatrical design. This degree provides advanced training for those specializing in one of the theatre arts. It is an appropriate terminal degree in these areas.

Doctor of Philosophy. The doctoral degree in theatre is offered in historical, theoretical, and critical studies. The program requires competence in research and allows the student to develop both a broad understanding of the field, including practical skills, and knowledge in depth of a specialized area.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2000-2001.

Lee Abraham
Michael Bloom
Oscar G. Brockett
John W. Brokaw
Charlotte Canning
Pamela D. Christian
Amparo Garcia Crow
Ann Daly
Jill S. Dolan
Franchelle Dorn
Stephen T. Gerald
James J. Glavan
Sharon A. Grady
     Richard M. Isackes
Coleman A. Jennings
Joan Lazarus
Amarante Lucero
Ruth Margraff
David Nancarrow
Gordon Peacock
Robert N. Schmidt
Fritz Schwentker
Susan Tsu
Stacy Wolf
Suzan L. Zeder

Admission Requirements

Master's degrees. The applicant must have a bachelor's degree and must have demonstrated interest and experience in theatre and drama.

Doctoral degree. A master's degree or equivalent coursework in theatre or a related field and demonstrated competence in research and writing are the primary prerequisites for beginning work toward the doctoral degree.

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts. Of the thirty semester hours required for the degree, no more than nine hours may be in upper-division courses. At least fifteen hours must be in the major; at least six must be outside the major. A written thesis is required, for which the student earns six hours of credit in Drama 698. Other coursework is determined following an evaluation of the student's background and preparation.

Master of Fine Arts. Of the sixty semester hours required for the degree, no more than fifteen may be in upper-division courses. A minor of at least six hours in a supporting subject or subjects outside the major field is required. A thesis is required, for which the student earns six hours of credit in Drama 698. Other coursework is determined following an evaluation of the student's background and preparation.

The requirements of the Master of Fine Arts are based on the assumption that the entering student has a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre. Students with degrees in other disciplines may not have the necessary training or proficiency for some areas of the MFA program. They may be required to take additional upper-division coursework in those areas.

Students with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree may have training and proficiency beyond those of Bachelor of Arts graduates. These students may be granted waivers of some credit hours. Waivers are awarded only after careful evaluation by the faculty of the student's previous training and experience. No more than twenty semester hours of credit may be waived.

Doctor of Philosophy. The student's program of study, including coursework and other requirements to be met, must be approved by a committee appointed by the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. Each student must have a reading knowledge of two foreign languages or knowledge in depth of one language. The student must pass qualifying examinations, write an acceptable dissertation, and pass an oral examination related to the dissertation. Detailed information about the requirements is available from the graduate adviser.

For More Information

Campus address: F. Loren Winship Drama Building (WIN) 1.142, phone (512) 471-5793, fax (512) 471-0824; campus mail code: D3900

Mailing address: Graduate Program in Theatre, Department of Theatre and Dance, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712-1168



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