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Grad Catalog 01-03


Graduate Study

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Degrees Offered
Master of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

Facilities for Graduate Work

The Kuehne Physics-Mathematics-Astronomy Library has a broad range of mathematical literature for study and research. The collection offers access to a wide variety of print-based and electronic research tools, including bibliographic databases and research and teaching journals in all areas of mathematics. The collection of e-journals is extensive. Electronic resources are accessible through UT Library Online.

The Department of Mathematics computer system is available for use in connection with courses and investigations in both pure and applied mathematics.

Areas of Study

Graduate study in mathematics is offered in the areas of algebra, number theory, analysis, topology, geometry, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, and actuarial mathematics.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2000-2001.

Todd Arbogast
Efraim Pacillas Armendariz
William Beckner
Klaus R. Bichteler
Jerry L. Bona
Robert S. Boyer
Patrick L. Brockett
Luis A. Caffarelli
Ralph W. Cain
E. Ward Cheney
Alan K. Cline
James W. Daniel
Katherine M. Davis
Clint Dawson
Rafael de la Llave
Edsger W. Dijkstra
John D. Dollard
John R. Durbin
William T. Eaton
Daniel Freed
Charles N. Friedman
Irene Martinez Gamba
Frank E. Gerth III
John E. Gilbert
Robert E. Gompf
Oscar Gonzalez
Cameron M. Gordon
William T. Guy Jr.
Gary C. Hamrick
Raymond C. Heitmann
     Peter W. M. John
Sean Keel
Hans Koch
John E. Luecke
Stephen J. McAdam
Edward W. Odell
J. Tinsley Oden
Bruce P. Palka
Charles L. Radin
Alan W. Reid
Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas
Haskell P. Rosenthal
Lorenzo A. Sadun
David J. Saltman
William Schelter
Ralph E. Showalter
Martha K. Smith
Panagiotis Souganidis
Michael Starbird
John T. Tate
Constantin Teleman
P. Uri Treisman
Karen K. Uhlenbeck
Jeffrey D. Vaaler
James W. Vick
Mikhail M. Vishik
Jose F. Voloch
Mary F. Wheeler
Jack X. Xin
Thaleia Zariphopoulou

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts. Most students take thirty semester hours of coursework (ten courses) and the report course. The ten courses are divided into major and minor areas. The major consists of mathematics courses, and the minor area consists of courses that are related to mathematics. Students should consult the graduate adviser about the courses that are allowable for the minor. There must be six to eight courses in the major area and two to four courses in the minor area. A special concentration in actuarial mathematics is available.

Master of Science in Statistics. Administered by the Department of Mathematics, the Master of Science in Statistics is under the supervision of the Graduate Studies Committee in statistics. A description of the degree program is given here.

Doctor of Philosophy. A detailed description of the procedure for admission to candidacy is available from the graduate adviser. Each student is first required to pass preliminary examinations. A small advisory committee is then set up to approve the student's choice of coursework and to specify the foreign language requirement. This committee administers an advanced examination in the chosen area of specialization. The preliminary examinations are given once each semester. The advanced examination may be given by mutual agreement of the student and the advisory committee at any time within a year after the student has passed the preliminary examinations; the student must pass the advanced examination before admission to candidacy will be approved.

For More Information

Campus address: Robert Lee Moore Hall (RLM) 8.100, phone (512) 471-7711, fax (512) 471-9038; campus mail code: C1200

Mailing address: Graduate Program in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712-1082



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