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Social Work

Degrees Offered
Master of Science in Social Work
Doctor of Philosophy

Facilities for Graduate Work

The School of Social Work Building houses classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, a new computer classroom, and a student lounge. The building also houses the school's Learning Resource Center, which contains computer and video laboratories and reading rooms; the center provides an extensive reference library of social work-related journals and other materials.

The school offers students several other services and resources, including the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services, which coordinates advising, registration, and other academic matters. Recruitment and career planning is available through the Office of Recruitment, Career Development, and Alumni Relations. The Center for Social Work Research administers faculty-conducted research in such areas as open adoption, welfare reform, and child welfare training.

Areas of Study

The School of Social Work offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science in Social Work and the Doctor of Philosophy with a major in social work.

The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program prepares students for advanced social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities and for policy-related and administrative positions. Two areas of concentration are available: clinical social work and administration and planning.

Students pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy degree design their own areas of study based on their academic and research interests.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2000-2001.

Marilyn P. Armour
David M. Austin
Noel B. Busch
King E. Davis
Diana M. DiNitto
Michael J. Ferguson
Cynthia Franklin
Dorie Gilbert
Darlene Grant
Dennis T. Haynes
Lori Kay Holleran
Michael L. Lauderdale
Laura Lein
     Ruth G. McRoy
Yolanda C. Padilla
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Dennis L. Poole
Allen Rubin
A. James Schwab Jr.
Clayton T. Shorkey
David W. Springer
Calvin L. Streeter
Dorothy Van Soest
Kathryn G. Wambach
Barbara W. White
Barbara E. Williams

Admission Requirements

Approval of the graduate adviser is required for admission to all social work courses.

Master of Science in Social Work

Applicants for admission to this degree program should have an extensive background in general liberal arts education with a broad range of studies in the behavioral sciences. All applicants must have completed at least one college-level statistics course that includes inferential applications.

Applicants with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a school accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may be admitted with advanced standing status.

Doctor of Philosophy

Applicants to the doctoral degree program must have a master's degree from an accredited school of social work. Exceptions to this requirement are sometimes made for applicants from countries without an accreditation system or for applicants with exceptionally strong credentials and with experience working in social work settings. Preference is given to individuals with at least two years of professional experience beyond the master's degree.

Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Social Work

Developed in accordance with Council on Social Work Education curriculum standards and policies, the full-time MSSW program requires sixty semester hours of coursework. The program consists of a nine-course foundation curriculum that is required of all students, followed by a sequence of courses in the student's area of concentration. In both the foundation and the concentration curriculum, experiential learning is provided through internships in selected government, nonprofit, and for-profit agencies. Course content and field experiences are organized and integrated using a systems/developmental framework and a biopsychosocial perspective.

Of the sixty semester hours required for graduation, a maximum of twenty-four may be accepted by waiver from an accredited Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work program. Waivers are awarded only after careful evaluation by the faculty of a student's training and experience in the areas in which waivers are sought.

Most students enroll in the regular full-time program, which can be completed in two academic years. Extended and part-time programs of work can be completed in three years. Students accepted with advanced standing status complete a thirty-six-semester-hour program in twelve to sixteen months. Each scheduling option provides students with opportunities to study independently with individual faculty members, to take elective courses in other University departments, and to waive some required coursework by examination. The school offers required courses during evening hours but cannot guarantee that the degree program can be completed by taking courses only at night.

Doctor of Philosophy

Students seeking the doctoral degree must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of a program of courses prescribed by the Graduate Studies Committee.
  2. Completion of a written qualifying examination that tests the student's knowledge of research design and methodology in social work and of selected aspects of social work practice.
  3. Completion of an acceptable program of original research, including the submission of a dissertation that extends the knowledge base of social work.
  4. Satisfactory performance on an oral examination in defense of the dissertation.

In addition to the full-time doctoral program, a part-time summer program is available.

Consult the graduate adviser for additional requirements.

For More Information

Campus address: School of Social Work Building (SSW) 2.222, phone (512) 471-5457, fax (512) 471-9600; campus mail code: D3500

Mailing address: Graduate Program, School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712-1203



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