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Grad Catalog 03-05


Graduate Study

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Degrees Offered
Master of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

Areas of Study

The Department of Philosophy offers areas of concentration across the discipline and offers special programs in cooperation with other departments: (1) ancient philosophy, with the Department of Classics; (2) history and philosophy of science, with the Department of History; and (3) philosophy and cognitive science, with the Departments of Linguistics, Psychology, and Computer Sciences. For descriptions of these programs, students should consult the graduate adviser, Department of Philosophy.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2002-2003.

Edwin B. Allaire
Ignazio Angelelli
Nicholas M. Asher
Daniel A. Bonevac
Robert S. Boyer
David Braybrooke
Grayson Douglas Browning
J. Budziszewski
Robert Louis Causey
Joshua Dever
James S. Fishkin
Anthony Gillies
R. J. Hankinson
Kathleen M. Higgins
Herbert I. Hochberg
Cory Juhl
Robert Hilary Kane
     Robert Charles Koons
Frederick M. Kronz
Brian Leiter
Louis H. Mackey
Aloysius P. Martinich
Alexander P. D. Mourelatos
Stephen H. Phillips
R. Mark Sainsbury
Sahotra Sarkar
Thomas K. Seung
Tara Smith
Robert C. Solomon
E. David Sosa
Michael Tye
Stephen A. White
Paul B. Woodruff

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts

The master's degree program with report requires completion of Philosophy 384F and 398R; twenty-one additional semester hours of graduate coursework in philosophy; and six hours of upper-division or graduate coursework in a supporting subject. The master's degree program with thesis requires completion of twenty-four hours of graduate coursework in philosophy, including Philosophy 698; and six hours of upper-division or graduate coursework in a supporting subject.

Doctor of Philosophy

In addition to the general requirements given in chapter 3, the requirements for the doctoral degree are as follows:

  1. Philosophy 384F and 389, completed in the first year of graduate study.
  2. A graduate course in each of the following: history of philosophy (any period up to or including Kant), metaphysics and epistemology, and ethics.
  3. Philosophy 398T, a one-semester teaching internship.
  4. Five additional graduate courses in philosophy
  5. Demonstration of proficiency in a foreign language. The required level of proficiency is that demonstrated by having completed four semesters of coursework or passing an equivalent examination.
  6. Three courses of supporting work.
  7. Completion and defense of a dissertation prospectus, by the end of the third year.
  8. Completion and defense of a dissertation.

For More Information

Campus address: Waggener Hall (WAG) 329, phone (512) 471-6093, fax (512) 471-4806; campus mail code: C3500

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program, Department of Philosophy, 1 University Station C3500, Austin TX 78712-0310




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