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Graduate Catalog | 2005-2007
School of Architecture

Landscape Architecture

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Master of Landscape Architecture.

Facilities for Graduate Work

Facilities for the study of landscape architecture are centrally located on campus in three adjacent and historically significant buildings: Battle Hall (1911) and Sutton Hall (1918, renovated in 1982), designed by the distinguished American architect Cass Gilbert; and Goldsmith Hall (1933, expanded and renovated in 1988), designed by noted French architect Paul Philippe Cret, one of the planners of the original forty-acre campus.

The program has close working relationships with the Department of Geography and the Environment, the Lady Bird Johnson National Wildflower Research Center, and the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems.

The Architecture and Planning Library, a branch of the University Libraries, maintains more than 84,000 volumes, including bound periodicals, professional reports, and all major architecture, landscape architecture, and planning journals. The library also houses the Alexander Architectural Archive, a collection of more than 300,000 architectural drawings, photographs, and 1,630 linear feet of documents on buildings and projects from all over the world. The collections of the nearby Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center include a large number of rare architecture books, including the classics of architectural literature.

The School of Architecture's Audiovisual Resources Collection contains audiovisual equipment, technical and design reference material, and more than 215,000 photographic slides and 40,000 digital images of architectural and related works.

The Center for American Architecture and Design provides support and resources for the scholarly study of American architecture. Through lectures, exhibitions, seminars, symposia, fellowship support, and the collection of research materials, the center encourages a community of architecture and landscape scholarship. The Center for Sustainable Development undertakes theoretical and applied research and projects related to sustainable systems, including land, infrastructure, and new urban growth. The Partnership for Quality Growth and Preservation undertakes community-based projects and provides a forum for landscape architecture faculty members and students to be involved in community service.

Computer-aided design and research opportunities are provided by the School of Architecture's computer laboratory, which maintains microcomputer equipment and terminals interfaced with the extensive computing facilities of Information Technology Services. Winedale, a museum of cultural history housed in restored nineteenth-century Texas buildings eighty miles east of Austin, provides in-residence research opportunities in Texas architectural history, preservation, and restoration. The resources of the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies and Benson Latin American Collection and the proximity of Austin to Latin America provide exceptional opportunities for the study of Latin American architecture.

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Areas of Study

The Master of Landscape Architecture, first professional degree, is a professional degree program for students who do not have a background in landscape architecture.

The Master of Landscape Architecture, postprofessional degree, is a postprofessional degree program for landscape architecture professionals.

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Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2004-2005.

Dean Johnson Almy III
Anne Beamish
Jeffrey Mark Chusid
Larry A. Doll
Robin W. Doughty
Hope H. Hasbrouck
David D. Heymann
Frederick R. Steiner
Nichole Weidemann
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Admission Requirements

Master of Landscape Architecture (first professional). This degree program is open to qualified applicants who hold baccalaureate degrees in any discipline. Applicants with an accredited professional degree in architecture may be eligible for admission with advanced standing. Applicants with a nonaccredited preprofessional degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or environmental design may also be granted advanced standing.

Those who qualify are generally granted advanced standing of up to one or two terms, subject to review by the admissions committee. These individuals may be able to waive degree requirements by demonstrating equivalent study in any of the required course areas.

Master of Landscape Architecture (postprofessional). This degree program is open to qualified applicants who hold accredited professional degrees in landscape architecture.

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Degree Requirements

The Master of Landscape Architecture, first professional degree, is an accelerated graduate program designed to prepare students for advanced work in landscape architecture. Upon admission, students must complete a structured core sequence of courses in design, visual communication, history and theory, and technology in landscape architecture. Upon successful completion of the core sequence, students are qualified to begin advanced study in the discipline. Students in the first professional degree program normally complete their studies in three years, with a total of seventy-eight semester hours of coursework. Students granted advanced standing normally complete their studies in two or more years, with forty-eight or more semester hours of coursework. The number of hours will vary according to the course of study outlined by the faculty upon admission.

The Master of Landscape Architecture, postprofessional degree, is a graduate program designed to provide individuals who have completed an undergraduate professional landscape architecture degree or its equivalent an opportunity to engage in advanced scholarship and professional development. Students in the postprofessional degree program normally complete their studies in two years, with a total of forty-eight semester hours of coursework.

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For More Information

Campus address: Goldsmith Hall (GOL 2.308), phone (512) 475-7994, fax (512) 471-0716; campus mail code: B7500

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, 1 University Station B7500, Austin TX 78712


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Graduate Catalog | 2005-2007 Landscape Architecture program | courses

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