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Graduate Catalog | 2005-2007
College of Engineering

Energy and Mineral Resources

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Master of Arts

Facilities for Graduate Work

The program in energy and mineral resources is interdisciplinary. The facilities of the Departments of Geological Sciences, Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Economics, Government, and Geography and the Environment and of the McCombs School of Business are available. Materials located in the Walter Geology Library, the McKinney Engineering Library, and the Perry-Castaneda Library include an array of specialized publications, such as the contract research of the United States Department of Energy and its predecessors, a selective collection of United States and Texas government documents, conference proceedings, and society and association publications. In addition, a wide range of electronic information resources in science, business, and the social sciences is accessible through the University Libraries Web site.

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Areas of Study

Graduate study in energy and mineral resources includes study in geological sciences, petroleum and geosystems engineering, economics, resource management, government, and policy studies. The student's program should represent as broad a spectrum as possible of energy and mineral resources courses.

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Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2004-2005.

Victor L. Arnold
Ross Baldick
James S. Dyer
William L. Fisher
Kenneth E. Gray
Genaro J. Gutierrez
J. Richard Kyle
Larry W. Lake
Krishan A. Malik
James T. O'Connor
Kamy Sepehrnoori
Mukul M. Sharma
W. C. J. van Rensburg
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Admission Requirements

The entering student who wishes to pursue an advanced degree in energy and mineral resources should have a bachelor's degree in one of the participating disciplines. The specific goal of the degree is a broad acquaintance with energy and mineral resources problems, both from a technological and from an economic or policy perspective. Students whose backgrounds are insufficient in one of these principal areas may be asked to take undergraduate courses in addition to the degree requirements.

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Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Arts degree must complete thirty semester hours of coursework and must submit a thesis based on individual research. The thesis course counts for six of the thirty semester hours required for the degree. A three-hour seminar in energy and mineral resources is required.

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For More Information

Campus address: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Building (CPE) 4.182A, phone (512) 471-3247, fax (512) 471-9605; campus mail code: C0301

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Energy and Mineral Resources, 1 University Station C0301, Austin TX 78712


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Graduate Catalog | 2005-2007 Energy and Mineral Resources program | courses

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