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Graduate Catalog | 2005-2007
College of Liberal Arts

Mexican American Studies [4]

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Master of Arts

Facilities for Graduate Work

The Center for Mexican American Studies has over thirty affiliated faculty members from a variety of disciplines, making it one of the largest and most diverse centers of its kind. In addition to the expertise of the faculty, graduate students have access to the extensive resources of the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, the Mexican American Library Program, and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. The University's central Texas location also provides opportunities for field research within a rapidly growing Mexican American population across the Southwest, and for research in Mexico as well.

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Areas of Study

Mexican American studies has emerged as a significant area of scholarship over the last three decades. The University has been at the forefront of this area under the leadership of faculty members such as George I. Sanchez, Carlos E. Castaneda, and the founder of the Center for Mexican American Studies, Americo Paredes. These scholars helped to define the discipline of Mexican American studies as academic work carried out from the perspective of the Mexican American experience. This work should raise new questions, formulate and explore new theories, and carry out empirical research that expands the understanding of a variety of fields, including social science, history, the humanities and arts, education, public and social policy, and the sciences. The objective of the master's degree program in Mexican American studies is to prepare students for professional careers in which advanced knowledge about the Mexican American experience is crucial. In addition, graduates are prepared to pursue doctoral work in a related discipline at the University or in Mexican American studies at other institutions.

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Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members are expected to serve on the Graduate Studies Committee in the fall semester 2005-2006:

Ricardo C. Ainslie
Lorenzo Candelaria
Norma V. Cantu
Richard R. Flores
Douglas E. Foley
Neil F. Foley
John M. Gonzalez
Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
Michele R. Guzman
R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith
David Leal
Jose E. Limon
Amelia Malagamba
Martha Menchaca
James R. Nicolopulos
Alba A. Ortiz
Yolanda C. Padilla
Deborah A. Paredez
Domino Renee Perez
Manuel Ramirez III
Charles E. Ramirez-Berg
Pedro Reyes
America Rodriguez
Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
Joseph D. Straubhaar
Fred Valdez Jr.
Richard R. Valencia
Angela Valenzuela
Sofia Villenas
Emilio Zamora
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Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for graduate study at the University. An admissions committee composed of Graduate Studies Committee members in Mexican American studies also evaluates applications, giving preference to candidates who demonstrate a strong academic background and a clear sense of the areas they wish to pursue through the master's degree program.

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Degree Requirements

Students pursuing the master's degree may choose one of two plans: Plan A, which requires thirty-three semester hours of coursework, including a thesis, or Plan B, which requires thirty-three semester hours of coursework, including two reports. The coursework may be chosen from a variety of fields of study but must have Mexican American studies content.

Students in both plans complete a three-hour foundational seminar in Mexican American studies. Students pursuing Plan A then complete fifteen hours of coursework in a major discipline and nine hours in a minor discipline. They must also complete six hours in the thesis course. Students pursuing Plan B must choose three disciplines and must complete at least six but no more than twelve hours of coursework in each discipline. They must also complete six hours in the report courses and six additional hours in the disciplines in which they write the reports.

Before completing the program, all students must demonstrate competence in written and/or oral Spanish by means approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

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For More Information

Campus address: West Mall Office Building (WMB) 5.102, phone (512) 471-4557, fax (512) 471-9639; campus mail code: F9200

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Adviser, Center for Mexican American Studies, 1 University Station F9200, Austin TX 78712



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