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Chapter 4: Fields of Study

French and Italian

Degrees Offered

Master of Arts (in French)
Doctor of Philosophy (in French)

Facilities for Graduate Work

The libraries at the University are well equipped to serve the needs of graduate students in French and Italian. Among the outstanding collections are the Carlton Lake collection of manuscripts and rare editions of modern French writers from Baudelaire to Beckett, the papers of the Princess Bibesco, the Artinian collection of Guy de Maupassant material, and the Surrealist archive of reviews and original documents.

Several language laboratories, equipped with the latest audio aids, furnish excellent opportunities for technical and professional preparation for teaching and research in Romance languages and linguistics. A large collection of tape recordings of dialect materials in the Romance languages is also available.

Areas of Study

Graduate programs include concentrations in French literature, French linguistics, and Romance linguistics. Graduate courses in Italian may be counted toward a degree in comparative literature with a concentration in Italian.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 1998-1999.

Mary J. Baker
Brigitte Bauer
Daniela Bini
Douglas Biow
David P. Birdsong
Marc L. Bizer
Carl S. Blyth
Jean-Pierre Cauvin
Robert L. Dawson
William W. Kibler
Francois P. Lagarde
Knud P. Lambrecht
Jane N. Lippmann
Jean-Pierre Montreuil
Guy P. Raffa
Dina M. Sherzer
Alexandra K. Wettlaufer
Seth L. Wolitz
Hal Wylie

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts

French. Master of Arts degree plans designed to lead to more advanced graduate work are available with a concentration in either literature or inguistics. Further information is available from the graduate adviser in French.

Both concentrations require an adequate command of oral and written French. Students may choose to minor in a subject outside the field of French, or they may major in French literature (or linguistics) and minor in French linguistics (or literature). Literature majors are required to take French 381M as well as courses in at least four literary periods; linguistics majors must include French 383K and 383M and Linguistics 480K or 380L in their program of study. A master's thesis or an equivalent report is required.

The entering master's degree student must have a bachelor's degree with a major in French or demonstrate equivalent knowledge. A student who is admitted without this background must acquire it by special reading and coursework before undertaking a regular degree program. The student must also have had the equivalent of at least the fourth-semester college course in one modern foreign language besides French. A deficiency in this area may be removed at any time before completion of other work for the Master of Arts.

Italian. A number of courses are taught at the graduate level and may be counted toward the minor in various master's degree programs.

Romance linguistics. This program, offered in conjunction with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, consists of approved coursework in two of the four major Romance languages, distributed as follows: (1) introduction to Romance linguistics; (2) four linguistics courses in the first language (French or Italian); and (3) three courses in a second Romance language. The student must complete either thirty hours of coursework, consisting of eight organized courses and the thesis; or thirty-three hours of coursework, consisting of ten organized courses and the report.

Doctor of Philosophy

French. The doctoral program is offered in either French literature or French linguistics. An examination committee is formed for each candidate which, with the graduate adviser, oversees the student's progress and eventually administers a comprehensive examination based on coursework and reading lists.

Several courses are required of all doctoral candidates; information about them is available from the department. In addition, the candidate is expected to take at least two courses in areas outside French literature and linguistics, such as English, history, linguistics, philosophy, or other languages. Work done for the master's degree may be counted toward this requirement. Literature students must complete at least two upper-division courses in a second modern foreign language or at least one upper-division Latin course, or they must demonstrate equivalent competence. At least two courses in French literature and/or culture are required of students in the French linguistics program.

French may also be chosen as one of the four major language areas for the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in Romance linguistics, offered in cooperation with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Language requirements for this degree are an adequate knowledge of the four major Romance languages, as well as a reading knowledge of German and a basic knowledge of Latin. A detailed description of the program is available from the graduate adviser.

Italian. A number of courses are taught at the graduate level and may be used to fulfill minor requirements in various doctoral programs. Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in comparative literature may count Italian as their major concentration.

For More Information

Campus address: Rainey Hall (HRH) 2.110A, phone (512) 471-5531, fax (512) 471-8492

Mailing address: Graduate Program, Department of French and Italian, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712-1197

E-mail: ebarret@mail.utexas.edu

URL: http://www.utexas.edu/depts/french/.web/

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