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19 August 1997

   Chapter One - Graduate Study

 Equal Educational Opportunity  Nature/Purpose of Graduate Work
 Graduate Degrees  Fields of Study  Joint Degree Programs
 Doctoral Portfolio Programs
 Libraries/Other Academic Resources  Cooperative Arrangements
 Financial Aid  Student Responsibility

Graduate Degrees

The Graduate School offers the following degrees.

Master of Arts: MA
Master of Architecture: MArch
Master of Business Administration: MBA
Master of Education: MEd
Master of Fine Arts: MFA
Master of Library and Information Science: MLIS
Master of Music: MMusic
Master in Professional Accounting: MPA
Master of Public Affairs: MPAff
Master of Science in Applied Physics: MSApplPhy
Master of Science in Architectural Studies: MSArchSt
Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning: MSCRP
Master of Science in Computational and Applied Mathematics: MSCAM
Master of Science in Computer Sciences: MSCS
Master of Science in Economics: MSEcon
Master of Science in Engineering: MSE
Master of Science in Geological Sciences: MSGeoSci
Master of Science in Nursing: MSN
Master of Science in Pharmacy: MSPhr
Master of Science in Science and Technology
  Commercialization: MSSTC
Master of Science in Social Work: MSSW
Master of Science in Statistics: MSStat
Doctor of Education: EdD
Doctor of Musical Arts: DMA
Doctor of Philosophy: PhD

Fields of Study

Graduate degrees are offered in the following fields. A complete list of fields in which graduate courses are taught is given in the appendix.


Architecture: MArch, PhD
Architectural studies: MSArchSt
Community and regional planning: MSCRP, PhD

Business Administration

Business administration: MBA
Accounting: MPA, PhD
Finance: PhD
Management: PhD
Management science and information systems: PhD
Marketing administration: PhD


Advertising: MA, PhD
Communication sciences and disorders: MA, PhD
Journalism: MA, PhD
Radio-television-film: MA, MFA, PhD
Speech communication: MA, PhD


Curriculum and instruction:  MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Educational administration: MEd, EdD, PhD
Educational psychology: MA, MEd, PhD
Foreign language education: MA, PhD
Health education: MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Human resource devlopment leadership: MA
Kinesiology:  MA, MEd, EdD, PhD
Mathematics education: MA, MEd, PhD
Science education: MA, MEd, PhD
Special education: MA, MEd, EdD, PhD


Aerospace engineering: MSE, PhD
Architectural engineering: MSE
Biomedical engineering: MSE, PhD
Chemical engineering: MSE, PhD
Civil engineering: MSE, PhD
Electrical and computer engineering: MSE, PhD
Energy and mineral resources: MA
Engineering mechanics: MSE, PhD
Environmental health engineering: MSE
Manufacturing systems engineering: MSE
Materials science and engineering: MSE, PhD
Mechanical engineering: MSE, PhD
Operations research and industrial engineering: MSE, PhD
Petroleum engineering: MSE, PhD

Fine Arts

Art education:  MA
Art history: MA, PhD
Studio art: MFA
Music, MMusic: DMA, PhD
Theatre: MA, MFA, PhD

Liberal Arts

American civilization: MA, PhD
Anthropology: MA, PhD
Arabic studies: MA, PhD
Asian cultures and languages: MA, PhD
Asian studies: MA
Classics: MA, PhD
Comparative literature: MA, PhD
Economics: MA, MSEcon, PhD
English: MA, PhD
French: MA, PhD
Geography: MA, PhD
Germanic languages: MA, PhD
Government: MA, PhD
Hebrew studies: MA, PhD
History: MA, PhD
Latin American studies: MA, PhD
Linguistics: MA, PhD
Middle Eastern studies: MA
Persian studies: MA, PhD
Philosophy: MA, PhD
Portuguese: MA, PhD
Psychology: MA, PhD
Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies: MA
Slavic languages: MA, PhD
Sociology: MA, PhD
Spanish: MA, PhD

Library and Information Science

Library and information science: MLIS, PhD

Natural Sciences

Astronomy: MA, PhD
Biochemistry: MA, PhD
Biological sciences: MA, PhD
Biological sciences (botany): MA, PhD
Biological sciences (zoology): MA, PhD
Chemistry: MA, PhD
Child development and family relationships: MA, PhD
Computer sciences: MA, MSCS, PhD
Geological sciences: MA, MSGeoSci, PhD
Marine science: MA, PhD
Mathematics: MA, PhD
Microbiology: MA, PhD
Molecular biology: MA, PhD
Nutrition: MA
Nutritional sciences: PhD
Physics: MA, MSApplPhy, PhD
Statistics: MSStat


Nursing: MSN, PhD


Pharmacy: MSPhr, PhD

Public Affairs

Public affairs: MPAff
Public policy: PhD

Social Work

Social work: MSSW, PhD

Intercollegial Programs

Computational and applied mathematics: MSCAM, PhD
Medieval studies: PhD
Neuroscience: MA, PhD
Science and technology commercialization: MSSTC
Writing: MFA

Back to Top   Joint Degree Programs

Joint degree programs are structured so that a student can pursue graduate work in two fields and fulfill the requirements of two degrees; in programs leading to two master's degrees, the degrees are awarded simultaneously. To enter a joint program, the student must be accepted by both of the individual programs. Students who wish to enter a joint program that involves the JD degree should contact the Admissions Office in the School of Law first. Joint programs are offered in the following fields.

Asian studies/Public affairs: MA/MPAff
Asian studies/Business administration: MA/MBA
Latin American studies/Community and regional planning: MA/MSCRP
Latin American studies/Public affairs: MA/MPAff
Latin American studies/Business administration: MA/MBA
Latin American studies/Law: MA/JD
Latin American studies/Communication: MA/MA
Middle Eastern studies/Business administration: MA/MBA
Middle Eastern studies/Communication: MA/MA
Middle Eastern studies/Law: MA/JD
Middle Eastern studies/Library and information science: MA/MSLIS
Middle Eastern studies/Public affairs: MA/MPAff
Russian: East European: and Eurasian studies/Business administration: MA/MBA
Russian: East European: and Eurasian studies/Communication: MA/MA
Russian: East European: and Eurasian studies/Law: MA/JD
Communication/Business administration: MA/MBA
Communication/Public Affairs: MA/MPAff
Public affairs/Business administration: MPAff/MBA
Public affairs/Law: MPAff/JD
Public affairs/Engineering: MPAff/MSE
Public Affairs/Russian: East European: and Eurasian studies: MPAff/MA
Law/Business administration: JD/MBA
Community and regional planning/Geography: MSCRP/PhD
Community and regional planning/Law: MSCRP/JD
Manufacturing systems engineering/Business administration: MSE/MBA
Nursing/Business administration: MSN/MBA

Doctoral Portfolio Programs

The goal of doctoral portfolio programs is to recognize and encourage cross-disciplinary research. A portfolio program usually consists of four thematically related doctoral-level courses and a research presentation; it must include courses offered by at least two graduate programs in addition to the student's major program. Doctoral portfolio programs are approved by the Graduate School. Although the certification requirements of each program are independent of the requirements for graduate degrees, courses included in the doctoral Program of Work may, with appropriate approval, be counted toward certification. Upon completion of both doctoral and portfolio program requirements, the student's University record reflects portfolio certification.

Information about portfolio programs is available from graduate advisers in the areas that offer them and from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Back to Top   Chapter One

Equal Educational Opportunity
Nature and Purpose of Graduate Work

Graduate Degrees
Fields of Study
Joint Degree Programs
Doctoral Portfolio Programs

Libraries and Other Academic Resources
Cooperative Arrangements

Financial Aid
Student Responsibility

Graduate Catalog

Chapter 1: Graduate Study
Chapter 2: Admission and Registration
Chapter 3: Degree Requirements
Chapter 4: Fields of Study
Chapter 5: Members of Graduate Studies Committees
Appendix: Course Abbreviations

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