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19 August 1997

   Chapter Five - Graduate Studies Committee Members

    Alphabetically, by last name.

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The faculty members listed here were members of Graduate Studies Committees during the spring semester 1996-1997; the titles shown are for that period.

Yosio Nakamura, Professor, Department of Geological Sciences
Rigakushi, Tohuku Daigaku, 1956; MS, 1958; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1963

David Nancarrow, Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance
BA, Virginia, 1960; MFA, Yale, 1963; PhD, Birmingham, 1975

Susan Napier, Associate Professor, Center for Asian Studies and Department of Asian Studies
BA, Harvard, 1977; MA, 1980; PhD, 1984

R. Edward Nather, Professor, Rex G. Baker Jr. and McDonald Observatory Centennial Research Professor in Astronomy, Department of Astronomy
BA, Whitman College, 1947; PhD, Cape Town, 1972

Joe W. Neal, Professor Emeritus, Department of Speech Communication
BA, Texas, 1938; MA, 1941; PhD, 1957

James A. Neely, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Center for Middle Eastern Studies
BA, Mexico City College, 1958; MA, Arizona, 1968; PhD, 1974

Yuval Ne'eman, Professor, Department of Physics
BS, Technion--Machon Technology L'Israel, 1945; Diploma in Engineering, 1946; DEM, ecole superieure de Guerre, 1952; DIC, PhD, London, 1961; DSc (hon), Technion--Machon Technology L'Israel, 1966

Neil R. Nehring, Associate Professor, Department of English
BA, Kansas, 1978; MA, 1980; PhD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1985

Dean P. Neikirk, Professor, Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Professor in Engineering No. 7, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
BSPhy&Math, Oklahoma State, 1979; MSApplPhy, California Institute of Technology, 1981; PhD, 1983

John K. Nelson, Assistant Professor, Center for Asian Studies and Department of Asian Studies
BA, Kansas, 1975; MA, California State (Chico), 1982; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1993

R. Steven Nerem, Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
BS, Colorado State, 1982; MSE, Texas (Austin), 1985; PhD, 1989

William R. Nethercut, Professor, Department of Classics
BA, Harvard, 1958; MA, Columbia, 1960; PhD, 1963

Joan Neuberger, Associate Professor, Department of History
BA, Grinnell College, 1975; MA, Stanford, 1978; PhD, 1985

B. David Neubert, Associate Professor, School of Music
BA, San Jose State, 1974; MMusic, Rochester, 1975; DMA, Texas (Austin), 1982

Horace M. Newcomb, Professor, F. J. Heyne Centennial Professor in Communication, Department of Radio-Television-Film
BA, Mississippi College, 1964; MA, Chicago, 1965; PhD, 1969

D. Paul Newman, Professor, Glenn A. Welsch Centennial Professor in Accounting, Department of Accounting
BBA, Texas Tech, 1972; MBA, North Texas State, 1974; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977; CPA, Texas, 1975

Martha G. Newman, Associate Professor, Department of History
BA, Harvard, 1980; MA, Stanford, 1982; PhD, 1988

Adam Zachary Newton, Assistant Professor, Department of English
BA, Haverford College, 1980; MA, San Francisco State, 1988; PhD, Harvard, 1992

Julianne Hickerson Newton, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism
BA, Baylor, 1970; MA, Texas (Austin), 1983; PhD, 1991

Sharon E. Nichols, Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
BS, Florida, 1984; MS, Florida State, 1991; PhD, 1994

Alvin Albert Nickel, Professor, Department of Art and Art History
BArtEd, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1952; MArtEd, 1960

Clarence L. Nicodemus, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
PhD, California, 1993

James R. Nicolopulos, Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
BA, California (Berkeley), 1985; MA, 1987; PhD, 1992

Margaret A. Nield, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
BS, Macalester College, 1966; MS, Arizona, 1970; PhD, Illinois (Chicago), 1989

Soren S. Nielsen, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Science and Information Systems
CandScient, Kobenhavns Universitet, 1985; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1992

Chiyo Nishida, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
BA, Jochi Daigaku, 1971; MA, 1979; MA, Arizona, 1984; PhD, 1987

Qian Niu, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
BS, Peking, 1981; MS, Washington (Seattle), 1983; PhD, 1985

A. Wilson Nolle, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics
BA, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1938; MA, Texas, 1939; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1947

Alfred L. Norman, Professor, Department of Economics
BA, Harvard, 1958; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1966; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1971

Alec Norton, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
BS, Harvey Mudd College, 1980; BA, Oxford, 1982; MA, 1987; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1987

Gordon S. Novak Jr., Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences
BSEE, Texas (Austin), 1969; MA, 1971; PhD, 1976

Marcos J. Novak, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
BSArch, Ohio State, 1980; MArch, 1983

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