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19 August 1997

   Chapter Five - Graduate Studies Committee Members

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The faculty members listed here were members of Graduate Studies Committees during the spring semester 1996-1997; the titles shown are for that period.

Melvin E. L. Oakes, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Physics
BS, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1958; PhD, Florida State, 1964

Leslie C. O'Bell, Associate Professor, Department of Slavic Languages
BA, Radcliffe College, 1968; MA, Harvard, 1971; PhD, 1977

James T. O'Connor, PE, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
BSArchE, Oklahoma State, 1979; MArch, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1980; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1983

Edward W. Odell, Professor, Department of Mathematics
BA, State University of New York (Binghamton), 1969; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975

J. Tinsley Oden, PE, Professor, Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering (No. 2), Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and Department of Mathematics
BS, Louisiana State, 1959; MS, Oklahoma State, 1960; PhD, 1962

Dannielle Corboy O'Donnell, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy
BSPhr, Rutgers, 1992; PharmD, 1993

Gerald S. Oettinger, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
BA, California (Davis), 1987; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992

Christine Ohannessian, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
BA, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1986; MS, Pennsylvania State, 1990; PhD, 1992

Thomas J. O'Hare, Associate Professor, Department of Germanic Studies; Associate Professor of Education
BS, Marquette, 1959; MA, South Dakota, 1962; PhD, Texas, 1964

Marvin N. Olasky, Professor, Department of Journalism
BA, Yale, 1971; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1974; PhD, 1976

Paul Olefsky, Professor, School of Music
Diploma, Curtis Institute of Music, 1947

J. Patrick Olivelle, Professor, Center for Asian Studies
BA(Hons), Oxford, 1972; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1974; MA, Oxford, 1977

Kelly Oliver, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
BA, Gonzaga, 1979; MA, Northwestern, 1980; PhD, 1987

Daniel M. Olsen, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History
BFA, Wisconsin (Milwaukee), 1985; MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1990

Jon E. Olson, Assistant Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
BSCE, BSEarthSci, Notre Dame, 1984; PhD, Stanford, 1991

Roy E. Olson, PE, Professor, L. P. Gilvin Centennial Professor in Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1953; MSCE, 1955; PhD, Illinois, 1960

Robert A. Olwell, Assistant Professor, Department of History
BA, Wisconsin (Milwaukee), 1983; MA, 1985; MA, Johns Hopkins, 1988; PhD, 1991

Alba A. Ortiz, Professor, Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professor in Education, Department of Special Education
BS, Southwest Texas State, 1969; MEd, 1970; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1976

Martha N. Ovando, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration
BA, New Mexico, 1975; MA, 1976; PhD, Utah, 1981

Deborah J. Overdorff, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
BA, University of the South, 1985; PhD, Duke, 1991

Irene Owens, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
BS, Barber-Scotia College, 1964; MLS, Maryland (College Park), 1971; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1995

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 14 Aug 1997

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