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19 August 1997

   Chapter Five - Graduate Studies Committee Members

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The faculty members listed here were members of Graduate Studies Committees during the spring semester 1996-1997; the titles shown are for that period.

S. Amir A. Zaidi, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
BS, Punjab, 1956; Diplom, Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, 1960; Dr, 1964

Harold H. Zakon, Professor, Department of Zoology
BS, Marlboro College, 1972; PhD, Cornell, 1981

Suzan L. Zeder, Professor, Theater for Youth Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance
BFA, Trinity, 1969; MFA, Southern Methodist, 1972; PhD, Florida State, 1978

Philip C. Zerrillo, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing Administration
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1989; PhD, Northwestern, 1994

Xu Zheng, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
BS, Nankai, 1984; MS, 1987; MA, PhD, Princeton, 1992

Daniel M. Ziegler, Professor, Roger J. Williams Centennial Professor in Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
BS, St. Benedict's College, 1949; PhD, Loyola (Chicago), 1955

Avraham Zilkha, Associate Professor, Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures and Center for Middle Eastern Studies
BA, ha'Universita ha'Ivrith bi'Yerushalayim, 1964; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Stanislav Zimic, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Diploma B-Italijanscina, Univerza "Edvarda Kardelja" v Ljubljani, 1955; MA, Miami (Florida), 1958; PhD, Duke, 1964

Charles Zlatkovich, Professor Emeritus, C. Aubrey Smith Professor Emeritus in Accounting, Department of Accounting
BSC, Texas Christian, 1938; MBA, 1939; PhD, Texas, 1952; CPA, Texas, 1947

David Zuckerman, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences
AB, Harvard, 1987; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1991

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 14 Aug 1997

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