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Home Page Photographs: Objects from the Elton M. Hyder, Jr., Collection.

Top image: Detail of a seventeenth-century Brittany cupboard, possibly a converted bed. The cupboard is covered with carving and inlay work in addition to hundreds of turned spindles in gallery, columnar, and rosette patterns.

Middle image: Carved and inlaid panel from an Italian cassone, or chest, in sixteenth-century style. The detail is an example of intarsia, in which small pieces of wood veneer are used to create an abstract form or architectural representation.

Bottom image: Detail in intarsia of a seventeenth-century Italian cassapanca. The cassapanca, a large settee, was developed from the cassone by the addition of a back and arms; its name derives from cassone and banca.

Martha Rowan Hyder and the late Elton M. Hyder, Jr., of Fort Worth, are alumni and benefactors of the University. A 1943 graduate of the law school, Mr. Hyder served for more than three decades as life trustee of the Law School Foundation; Mrs. Hyder is internationally known for her charitable and cultural work. The Hyder Collection has been on loan to the School of Law since 1961. It is housed primarily in the Jamail Center for Legal Research, Tarlton Law Library.


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