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Law School Catalog | 2006-2008

Officers of Administration

The University of Texas at Austin

Larry R. Faulkner, PhD, President

Sheldon Ekland-Olson, PhD, Executive Vice President and Provost

James L. Hill, PhD, Vice President for Community and School Relations

Richard B. Eason, BS, Vice President for Development

Patricia L. Clubb, PhD, Vice President for Employee and Campus Services

Kevin P. Hegarty, MPA, CPA, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Victoria E. Rodriguez, PhD, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Daniel A. Updegrove, BS, Vice President for Information Technology

Patricia C. Ohlendorf, JD, Vice President for Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs

Donald A. Hale, BS, Vice President for Public Affairs

Juan M. Sanchez, PhD, Vice President for Research

Juan C. Gonzalez, PhD, Vice President for Student Affairs

William S. Livingston, PhD, Senior Vice President

Shirley Bird Perry, MA, Senior Vice President

Stephen A. Monti, PhD, Executive Vice Provost

Charles A. Roeckle, PhD, Deputy to the President

Nancy J. McCowen, Senior Executive Associate and Director, Office of the President

The School of Law

William C. Powers, JD, Dean

Alexandra Wilson Albright, JD, Associate Dean

Steven J. Goode, JD, Associate Dean

H. Douglas Laycock, JD, Associate Dean

Susana I. Aleman, JD, Assistant Dean

Kimberly L. Biar, BBA, CPA, Assistant Dean

Nancy A. Brazzil, BS, Assistant Dean

Michael J. Esposito, JD, Assistant Dean

Monica K. Ingram, JD, Assistant Dean

David A. Montoya, JD, Assistant Dean

Allegra Young, MBA, Assistant Dean

Roy M. Mersky, JD, MALS, Law Librarian

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The University of Texas System

Mark G. Yudof, LLB, Chancellor

Teresa A. Sullivan, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Scott C. Kelley, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Kenneth I. Shine, MD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Tonya Moten Brown, JD, Vice Chancellor for Administration

Barry D. Burgdorf, JD, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Randa S. Safady, PhD, Vice Chancellor for External Relations

William H. Shute, JD, Vice Chancellor for Federal Relations

E. Ashley Smith, LLM, Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations and Policy

Robert E. Barnhill, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology

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Law School Catalog | 2006-2008  

Officers of

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    Official Publications 27 Jan 2006